Unlocking Growth Through Art with Francesca Edwards

AAt Nasdaq, we believe in the power to rewrite tomorrow and recognize that art is a powerful medium to conceptualize this vision.

The Nasdaq Artist Initiative has engaged creators from around the world, asking artists to create submissions that represent the Nasdaq and the future of technology and human progress to showcase as permanent installations at the Nasdaq headquarters in Times Square. We spoke with Francesca Edwards about her work “Light Painting”.

Could you tell us about your work of art, its name and what it represents?

“Clear paint” is an immersive installation highlighting the mediums of painting and projection. By combining abstract painting with changing color projections, it allows me to see the direct effect digital light has on painted color and how changing hues of that light can create immersive color transformations. To do this, my gestural paintings are photographed, digitized and then projected onto the original canvas. This second layer represents an animated color sequence that illuminates the painted colors, creating an impression of movement in space. The final photograph of this installation represents the dialogue that takes place between the painted surface and the color illumination.

What themes do you explore through your works in general?

The theme of partnership is a common thread throughout my work. This is why the message from the Nasdaq ‘partnership can unlock growth ‘ resonated with me. The combination of two very different mediums (painting and projection) has resulted in massive growth in my practice, allowing me to reach deeper abstract boundaries and see the potential for color interaction when these two mediums are combined.

How do your experiences help shape the themes you choose to represent?

I’ve always been very interested in how the digital world comes into play with the physical world, especially when it comes to colors and movement. My experience of growing up watching the digital world evolve made me want to include some sort of digital aspect in my work, which led to these pieces. I also found that studying virtually when I finished the final months of my Fine Arts degree led to an even bigger shift in the digital realm of art.

Why did you choose these colors and mediums to present your piece?

During the painting process, I wanted to use a wide variety of colors; however, it was important to keep them light enough to ensure a brighter projected image. I used my knowledge of color theory to calculate which shades of each color I wanted and where it would be placed on the canvas to further emphasize the harmonies and contrasting colors. The painted canvas can look impressive in itself; however, adding the projected element really pushes up the saturation of each color and adds a layer of striking interaction between physical colors and digital colors. As the large-scale projection flows from the canvas, it fills the space with immersive color interactions. My goal is for the viewer to feel completely immersed in color.

What does it mean to have your artwork in Times Square?

I am so grateful that my work is exhibited in Times Square. Due to the pandemic there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to exhibit my postgraduate work so showing it in New York is amazing. I can’t wait to see the photos of my work in situ; I feel like this will really be a pinch point in my career. This opportunity will also be an important and remarkable addition to my artist CV, as well as being able to discuss it in future job interviews and meetings with clients.

Light Painting by Francesca Edwards

“Light Painting” by Francesca Edwards

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