Unvaccinated Florida TikToker Alex Blankenbiller urged followers to get vaccinated before dying of COVID-19

TikTok creator Alexandra Blankenbiller documented her life and hospitalization with COVID-19 on the platform.

“Unfortunately I haven’t been vaccinated,” the Florida woman told more than 16,000 followers. “It’s not because I’m anti-vax. I waited too long. I was afraid.”

“Honestly, I waited because I was trying to convince my whole family to do it at the same time,” she added.

By the time Alex’s mother and two sisters agreed to be vaccinated, it was too late. The family told WebMD that they made an appointment to get vaccinated, but were all diagnosed with the virus before it happened.

Alex had the worst case. And she documented what her hospital stay was like.

“All I heard was the moans and cries of people in pain,” she said. “People, I guess, who have lost people they love because I know what it is personally and what it’s like.”

The family says they weren’t allowed into the hospital until doctors determined there was nothing else they could do to save Alexandra’s life.

“Go get it. Don’t wait,” she said in her latest TikTok. “Go get it. Because hopefully, if you get it, you won’t end up in the hospital like me.

Alexandra Blankenbiller died nine days later. She was 31 years old.

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