Up, up and away: How a Canberra dad became a sensation replicating Disney’s Up house

Scott Fincher built a replica of the Up house in their house in Conder. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

“Is it on Airbnb? “,” Can I take a selfie? “,” You are not a computer consultant? These are the questions strangers and neighbors ask Canberra’s dad who built his son a replica of the house in Disney’s Pixar animation Up.

Scott Fincher became a national sensation overnight as photos of Conder’s colorful house surfaced in press articles and on social media.

“It was crazy. My nephew’s wife is a die-hard Disney fan and is part of an Australian and New Zealand fan club on Facebook. She just called and said, “I hope you don’t mind Uncle Scott, but I posted a picture there and it’s getting bonkers.” I said, ‘Oh great!’ “

The hint of sarcasm in Mr. Fincher’s voice shouldn’t mask the genuine joy he feels at the excitement of others for the imaginary home coming to life.

However, the Up house has been a popular stopover for hikers, dating groups, and Instagrammers on the Tuggeranong Hill Fire Trail for at least a year.

“We are on the high side of Tuggeranong Hill and the fire trail is only 50 feet back so people can walk on the trail and see the cubby house quite easily,” Fincher said.

Up to the house

Scott and Leo are obsessed with the Up movie. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

“The bushes on the back fence haven’t quite obscured the view yet, so groups of older people stop to take selfies and a couple often shout that I’m doing a good job. One guy said, ‘It’s not a cottage, it’s a grandma’s apartment.’ “

The playhouse is large enough to accommodate Mr. Fincher, his seven-year-old son and proud owner Leo, and his nine-year-old brother Hugh, but not large enough to avoid nudges or require council approval.

“I can’t stand completely inside the house. The highest point of the roof is 1.6 meters and the door is shorter than that. There were a few injuries, but I survived, ”said Fincher.

The beloved dad started building the cubby house in December 2019 and recently finished the project with a fresh coat of paint.

He spent most weekends and an eight-week between-job period in 2020 replicating the house at the center of his and Leo’s favorite movie, using Google images and a miniature model.

What started out as a fun project turned into a $ 10,000 labor of love that mostly grew out of Mr. Fincher’s desire for perfection.

“As I was going, I was like, ‘You might as well isolate it,’ ‘You might as well build the terrace on it,’ ‘You might as well put lights on so we can see at night,'” he said. .

“My wife and the rest of the family were a little cranky at times. “

A white picket fence surrounds the brightly colored green, orange, yellow, and blue home that includes a porch, opening windows, downstairs kitchen, and upstairs bedroom.

And if it was up to Leo, the house would float off the ground with the help of thousands of balloons so that he too could escape the city and go on an adventure like elderly widower Carl does. Fredricksen and the young boy Russell. Up.

Carl Fredricksen in Up

Carl escapes the city by tying thousands of balloons to his house in the movie Up. Photo: Supplied.

However, there is one part of this house that makes it distinctly different and unmistakably Australian.

“The shingles on the front of the house – I wasn’t going to nail thousands of pieces of wood, so I made the Australian version and used Colourbond. “

As to what will happen to the cubby house if the Fincher family sell their Conder house, Mr Fincher has said she will stay.

“I made it pretty sturdy, it’s going to outlast the house,” he said with a laugh.

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