Urent and CAFU Collaborate to Make Car Rental in UAE More Convenient and Exciting

By partnering with CAFU, Urent users can now access on-demand refueling and car wash services. Urent continues to respond to trends in a rapidly growing car rental industry in the MENA region, including increased demand for personalized and on-demand services.

Tech startup, Urent is focused on revolutionizing the car rental industry, and CAFU is the world’s leading fuel delivery and vehicle services platform. Today, Urent announced a collaboration with CAFU, allowing Urent customers to purchase fuel and car wash vouchers for their vehicles while renting a car, which can be used later on the CAFU app. . A unique service, cashless, paperless and seamless.

“We are very happy to be working with CAFU to be the first to deliver a complete car rental experience, something that has never been done before,” said Omar Al Ashi, CEO of Urent. “Car rental has long been an inefficient manual process. We not only focus on digitization, but also innovation in its finest form, truly delivering a simple, fast and tedious free experience for our customers. “

The collaboration represents a bold initiative of two reliable and trusted companies joining forces to innovate in the field of mobility technology. The market rewards innovators like Urent and CAFU who support a new culture of people who value convenience. This is part of a larger shift in the UAE’s economy, which is experiencing accelerated change and growth in its digital sector.

Digital technology is transforming the car rental industry, as evidenced by the Urent-CAFU collaboration. It’s about making the customer’s life easier through technology. As Urent customers are now able to access CAFU services so easily, they will have a unique experience, which will surely entice them to come back and rent again.


About Urent
Nicknamed the Airbnb of Mobility, Urent is a tech startup focused on redefining rental mobility in the tech space. Being the first of its kind, the startup’s vision is to create a marketplace for hosts, list their vehicles for monetization purposes, while taking advantage of unique Urent features (e.g. my garage, built-in wallet, chats integrated). Renters, on the other hand, can navigate through a wide range of vehicles linked to hosts, with the ability to interact with vehicle owners through the app. Urent also allows you to pre-book your trips in advance, as well as having vehicles delivered to their doorsteps within 60 minutes. No deposit or credit card blocking. With over 5 different vehicle categories (cars, personal watercraft, jetski, chauffeur service, stretch limousine service), Urent offers hourly / daily / weekly / monthly rental options (up to 3 months).

About UFAC
CAFU is the world’s leading fuel delivery and vehicle services platform. Since our launch in Dubai in 2018, we’ve been driving innovation, providing convenience, and giving back to our users the most valuable asset of all – their time.

Ranked as LinkedIn’s premier startup in the UAE, CAFU continues to improve lives through greater automotive connectivity, predictive features and innovations that advance the consumer experience and ease of use for make car use easier and smarter.

Starting with on-demand refueling, we continued to disrupt the status quo, connecting our customers to an ever-growing list of convenience-driven services, including on-demand car washes and battery drain services. , tires and engine oil, delivered anytime, anywhere. The CAFU app is available for download on Android and iOS. For more information, please visit https://www.cafu.com.

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