Utah couple build their first home off the school bus to avoid rising house prices

For many, high house prices are not affordable in Beehive State. That’s why a couple decided to get a little creative with their first official home together.

Nate and Emily Jardine have been renting accommodation since their wedding in January 2021.

The couple want to own a home for themselves, but house prices have skyrocketed and rent has become too expensive for their budget.

“The market is really tough to get into a home if this is your first home,” Nate said. “So we thought it was the perfect opportunity to make another option for a house. “

The Jardines saw videos on YouTube and social media showing couples renovating school buses into homes – so they decided to give it a try for themselves.

The couple spent $ 4,500 on a bus and hope to spend $ 10,000 to build their first house.

“Our idea is to live on the bus for a few years and then buy a house and keep it like Airbnb in our backyard,” Nate said.

Les Jardines plan to renovate the bus next summer.

Something the couple have not resolved, however, is where to put their return bus while they are living on it.

“It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone with a property somewhere that will let us live on it,” Nate said.

Jordan Cullimore, the senior attorney for the Utah State Property Rights Ombudsman’s office, said each county has different rules about how long a van can be parked on private property.

“If you’re in a more urban or suburban environment, you’re probably going to locate yourself for a few days but not much more,” Cullimore said.

Their office has seen an increase in the number of people “thinking more creatively” about life, whether it’s in a tiny house, a shipping container, or even a school bus.

Alex Montandon is one of many “flipping” a bus into a new mobile home.

“I just decided, ‘Hey, I’m going to buy one and build it,'” he said.

The Montandon bus-home will be registered as a mobile home or RV for recreation.

“I want it done, painted by next week,” he said.

Painting the exterior, adding beds, sofas, tinted windows, curtains, carpeting, and a bathroom are all on Montandon’s to-do list for his new return bus.

“It’s just awesome,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to take on a project like this.”

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