Vacasa publishes the 2021 report on the best places to buy a beach house

United States: Portland-based vacation rental management platform Vacasa has released its 2021 report outlining the Best places to buy a beach house before the start of summer vacation.

The report, which calculates where potential homeowners can best maximize the return on their investment, shows that the best places to buy a beach house are not just in popular destinations like Hawaii and the Carolinas, but in lesser places. expected as the coast of Washington, Michigan. lakeside and Alabama’s isolated island system. Each destination was ranked according to the highest capitalization rateor annual rate of return on investment, as well as median home sales and median annual gross rental income.

Demand for beach getaways higher than ever this spring, according to recent Vacasa report spring travel trends report, which revealed that 57% of customers were planning a trip to the beach and a growing number of American consumers felt hopeful [53 per cent] and grateful [42 per cent] thinking about travel this year.

Shaun Greer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vacasa, said: “Our report shows that these destinations are not only a good investment in numbers, but also reflect the renewed desire of travelers to stay in homes that look like real escapes in nature. , away from the hustle and bustle of your most popular beach towns.

“This demand, coupled with an overall shortage of vacation rentals this year, presents a unique investment opportunity for vacation home buyers to get the best return on their rentals as we enter the summer months. loaded, especially in these top ten markets,” he added. .

Vacasa ranking of the best places to buy a beach house 2021:

  1. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
  2. South Kauai, Hawaii
  3. Ocean Shores, Washington
  4. Islands of Palms, South Carolina
  5. Dolphin Island, Alabama
  6. Wailea, Hawaii
  7. New Buffalo, Michigan
  8. South Kohala, Hawaii
  9. Corolla, North Carolina
  10. Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

To view the full report, go to link.

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