Vacation prices fall amid travel uncertainty

SSummer vacation prices have halved from 2019, new research shows.

Analysis of the price comparison website found that package holidays to Malta on the green list are on average 52% cheaper than before the pandemic, with travel to Spain around 20% cheaper. Greece and Portugal are 11% and 12% cheaper respectively.

The fall in prices is likely related to the lingering uncertainty surrounding the summer vacation due to restrictions both at home and abroad. Malta, for example, only accepts fully vaccinated travelers, reducing its tourist base and potentially lowering prices.

Over the past few days, there have been a slew of announcements tightening restrictions on UK travelers. Croatia yesterday became the latest country to impose mandatory Covid testing on all visitors to the UK, including those who are fully vaccinated, due to the upsurge in cases of the delta variant. Only children under 12 will be exempt and the measure will come into force on July 26. Meanwhile, the United States advises against travel to the United Kingdom.

France’s appearance on the new ‘amber plus’ list, which requires even double-bitten travelers to be quarantined on their return, may have also shattered the confidence of British holidaymakers.

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