Vancouverites with a backyard pool are literally renting them out online

As British Columbia enters its 3rd heat wave of the summer, many are battling the heat by jumping into a pool.

However, if you don’t have access to it, there is an app that helps you bypass this, temporarily.

Just like you would use Airbnb, people with pools are renting them by the hour on an app. You can forgo buying a pool or waiting for a time slot at the local pool. All you have to do is pay a little extra and enjoy.

The pool rental app is called Swimply, and with good reason.


Swimply application

This Airbnb-style app lists a number of pools available in your area, priced by the hour. Each listing is accompanied by an image, a description of the house and what the rental includes. There is also a maximum number of people allowed per pool.

You can browse by location and click on each pool for more details. Whether you want it for solo family use or for a poolside party, you can see all the information and choose accordingly.

Some rentals come with living room furniture, a patio, and, if you’re lucky, a float or two.

Pool rentals available around Vancouver

Prices range from around $ 32 per hour and up. If you’re wondering, yes, hot tubs are also available. Here are some current announcements.

Croft Oasis in Surrey

Photo: Swimply

Place: Surrey

Maximum number of guests allowed: 50

Cost: $ 32 / hour

Oasis in Tsawwassen

Photo: Swimply

Place: Delta

Maximum number of guests allowed: 12

Cost: $ 41 / hour

Fun in the sun at Port Coquitlam

Photo: Swimply

Place: Port Coquitlam

Maximum number of guests allowed: 16

Cost: $ 65 / hour

Outdoor swimming pool at British properties

pool rental

Photo: Simply

Place: British Properties, West Vancouver

Maximum guests Authorized: 4

Cost: $ 99 / hour

While the concept sounds a bit odd, the idea of ​​renting a swimming pool is nothing new. Swimply has been around since July 2018 and the lists continue to grow.

To discover some pools in your area, download the mobile app or visit their website.

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