Velo Labs, TEMPO Payments and Bitazza open $ 17 billion transfer corridor between Europe and Thailand with Stellar blockchain

SAN FRANCISCO, PARIS and BANGKOK, August 10, 2021 / CNW / – Bike Labs, TEMPO Payments and Bitazza Thailand have opened a money transfer corridor between 27 countries in the EU region and Thailand.

Velo Labs, TEMPO Payments and Bitazza open $ 17 billion transfer corridor

Cross-border transactions rely on the Velo protocol, Velo tokens, and Velo digital credits, which are one of the most compliant and price-stable virtual assets. In addition, each transaction is settled in seconds, thanks to the speed of the Stellar blockchain. Thanks to this partnership with Bike Labs, TEMPO payments and Bitazza, two licensed financial institutions, are leading the way in the international payments revolution by connecting the ASEAN and EU markets, representing approximately $ 17 billion and nearly 600 million customers.

Today’s financial system makes sending money around the world slow and expensive. The 3 companies are focusing on improving these inefficiencies by relying on their respective networks and Bike Labs’ decentralized technology and offering fast, inexpensive and secure ways to send money between Europe and Thailand.

Mike kennedy, CEO of Bike Labs on this historic operation:

“What we launched today is a validation of our core mission: to build a global, decentralized and interoperable network that will allow businesses and individuals to transfer value securely and instantly across the world. Bike Labs wants to make cross-border transactions faster, cheaper and more reliable for everyone; this first step puts us on the path to that reality. ”

Suren Ayriyan, CEO of TEMPO Payments, on this offer:

“This is only the beginning of our vision of service millions of individuals in Asia and beyond. We hope to continue working with Bike Labs exponentially increase our corridors and currency offerings, providing cheap, secure and fast global money transfers to all TEMPO Payments customers, existing and new.

Kevin heng, Chief Strategy Officer of Bitazza, says:

“Bitazza is delighted to work in collaboration with Velo and TEMPO Payments to facilitate the launch of this Europe To Thailand transfer corridor. This program will help improve and raise the level of financial inclusion and mobility for millions of users around the world, and is another step forward in our shared commitment to fundamentally change the global remittance industry and to push Thailand/South East Asia as the global frontier of next-generation financial innovation. “

About Bike Labs

Bike Labs builds a global settlement network to enable businesses and individuals to send money around the world faster, cheaper and more reliable. The company develops blockchain-based, enterprise-grade, compliance-driven products that enable financial institutions to transfer value seamlessly around the world.

About TEMPO payments

TEMPO Payments is an electronic payment institution and the main European anchor point for Stellar blockchain payments. As an operator of cross-border transactions and settlements, TEMPO Payments provides payment services to businesses around the world and guarantees full transparency of all transactions, immutability of records, high transaction speeds and commission rates. very competitive.

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About Bitazza

Bitazza was founded by a team of experts in collective fields ranging from finance, information technology, creative development and others who share a unique vision for the growth and adoption of digital assets in the world of financial technology. Bitazza provides traders and issuers with access to the most liquid and active digital asset markets, valued globally in Asian currencies. Bitazza wants to become South East Asia platform of choice for the listing, trading and management of crypto-assets in a regulated environment.



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