Victorian Guesthouse places Delphos on the Airbnb map

DELPHOS —Don Edwards has been restoring and preserving his Victorian Third Street home for 17 years. While there are still a few projects left, Edwards has enough finished to open his home to others through Airbnb.

“The house is too big for one person. I am happy to share home with others and to have home life – a new purpose, ”said Edwards.

Edwards is a flight attendant and no stranger to staying in different places.

“I have stayed in many guesthouses around the world since the mid 80’s so I understand what the guesthouse experience is all about and what people expect and want when they are staying in a guest house. I want my guests to have a stay where they feel at home and to be unforgettable for them.

While guests are free to mingle, the large house also offers privacy.

“Customers often enjoy meeting and interacting with other customers, which for some is part of the experience,” Edwards began. “However, others may want seclusion, peace and quiet and it can be found here too. Fortunately, the house is big enough that even when the house is full, no one feels cramped.

Guests have their own bedroom, clean bathroom, kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, utility room, common areas and a large wraparound porch.

Some of Edwards’ guests include out-of-state contractors working at factories in the area, interns, people at home to visit for weddings or other events and those from pass.

“A lot of people search Airbnb for the Lima area and the house will appear and it will catch their interest,” Edwards said. “Because it’s only 15 miles away, it’s an easy adjustment.”

While Edwards continues to work on finishing the house, he has no plans to remove the Airbnb listing.

“I love having people here, meeting new people and making new friends,” he said. It brings my house to life.

Edwards has enjoyed a 70-75% fill rate since the guesthouse was listed.

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