VIDEO: Airbnb on rental regulations and working with communities

The rise of peer-to-peer travel markets has led governments to scrutinize their impact on the local environment.

Many questions have arisen as to whether existing legislation, especially in vacation rental, is suitable for today’s digital world.

Some of the biggest cities in the world – London, New York, Paris and more, have introduced new laws to curb the growth of short-term rentals.

Airbnb is often referred to as the bad guy, but the company says it recognizes the need for regulation and maintains it wants to be part of the conversation.

Most recently, Chris Lehane, senior vice president of policy and communications at Airbnb, wrote to EU leaders supporting progress on an EU-wide approach short-term rentals.

During PhocusWire Pulse: Rentals On The Rise, Lehane discusses the need for a regulatory framework in the industry.

It shares a broader vision of how Airbnb works with governments and local authorities and how and where the platform can be a force for good.

Lehane also gives his take on how travel has changed since the pandemic and what that means for the rental industry.

The full discussion with Linda Fox of PhocusWire is below…

PhocusWire Pulse: Rentals On The Rise – Regulation and Collaboration with Communities

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