Villanelle’s Spanish apartment in ‘Killing Eve’ is on Airbnb

After months of lockdown, you can be forgiven for wanting to make sure your future is full of lavish, hedonistic breaks – and what could be more appropriate than a stay in Villanelle’s Spanish apartment?

The fictional assassin, who is known for his impeccable taste in clothing and interiors, is based in a beautiful apartment in Barcelona during season 3 of “Killing Eve”, and the space that was used for the filming is available on Airbnb.

It is at Casa Ramos, a semi-famous and entirely beautiful Art Nouveau venue built in 1907, which has been used in many other movies and TV shows thanks to its unusual and well-preserved interiors.

Kill Eve 3
Photography: BBC

Inside you can find colorful tiling, ornate cornices, arches, pillars, stained glass windows, and the incredible light space that fills Villanelle’s evil heart with joy.

It’s just a part of the apartment that is available for hire – the rest is a family home, inhabited by architect Sean Carbonell-Hogg, who also organize tours of his impressive house. But if that means we can scream out of those ornate doors and walk up to that tiled floor, we’re in it.

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