Visit Oklahoma’s ‘Goat Island’ for an unforgettable vacation!

Did you know Oklahoma has a “Goat Island? Yes, that’s right, we have an island that is home to a group of goats at Tenkiller Lake in Cookson, okay. Here is the best part, you can take a boat or a kayak and visit the island to see and feed the goats. They are super friendly and love having visitors, especially if you bring them treats!

So, where is this island and how to get there exactly? It is located in Pettit Bay at Lake Tenkiller on the west side of the lake. You can camp at Pettit Bay and take a quick boat ride or use a kayak to get to ‘Goat Island’. What is it, you don’t have a kayak? No problem, you can rent one or rent a boat at the marina.

Take a quick trip and visit ‘Goat Island’ at Lake Tenkiller in Cookson, Oklahoma – SKC Adventures – SKC Adventures

You can barely make out the goat in the photo above, she is standing right next to the fallen tree on the left side. It’s a black and white goat. I’ve never been to ‘Goat Island’ but you can bet I’ll be planning a visit soon. I mean what’s not to like? An island filled with friendly goats that you can pet and feed. The problem will be that when it comes time to leave, my daughter will want to stay and stay on the island forever.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Tenkiller Lake, the campgrounds are amazing. If camping isn’t your thing, they also have cabins and other places you can rent. There is plenty to see and do, from fishing, boating, hiking and swimming to visiting ‘Goat Island’. Sounds like the perfect vacation getaway!

Watch the video below towards the mark (6:35) you will come to ‘Goat Island’ at Tenkiller Lake

After visiting ‘Goat Island’ you can stop Piddles Place in Pettit Bayside Seaside resort to purchase “Goat Island” merchandise, such as t-shirts, magnets and other memorabilia. From what I heard Piddle’s Cajun Bar & Grill has amazing food and drink. Just down the road you can go to the Big red restaurant for a family meal.

Other amenities and features of Lake Tenkiller include all RV and RV parks that are on or near site. Most have their own convenience stores for snacks and drinks and some even have their own bars and restaurants! Is it practical? So you can camp, rent a cabin or bring the motorhome or motorhome.

Yes they are super friendly and love visitors, Goat Island Goats at Tenkiller Lake – SKC Adventures – SKC Adventures

Once things calm down, I think the family and I will load up and head to Lake Tenkiller for a quick weekend. Got to visit ‘Goat Island’ and try Cajun food at Piddle’s, it looks amazing! It is only a 4 hour drive from Lawton, Fort. Sill so we can get there quickly and enjoy a family vacation by the lake.

Visit the Official Goat Island Facebook Page at Pettit Bay, Lake Tenkiller for more information on this incredible and unusual vacation getaway in Oklahoma. It also provides links to other popular places and attractions in and around Lake Tenkiller. in the meantime, I’m going to stock up on carrots, apples, and other goodies in preparation for my visit to “Goat Island.” The mission to fatten the goats is a GO!

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