Visit the new ROKU GIN Pop Up Bar

From July 1 to the end of August, Prague’s premium liquor store, Mr. Brut, will be transformed into a Japanese-themed pop-up bar called ROKU GIN.

In addition to delicious drinks, you can also come here for a hearty Japanese brunch, Asian specialties or board games.

Mr. Brut, based in Karlín, specializes in selling premium alcohol in a cozy and stylish bar where you can sit with friends and enjoy a wide range of mixed drinks.

ROKU GIN is a high quality gin inspired by Japanese culture, Asian crafts and art.

Visitors will be able to taste the delicious gin not only in mixed drinks, but also in its pure form with just a few ice cubes.

“You can also taste the iconic Perfect Serve or Teamlet, a tea version of one of today’s most popular gin cocktails: Gimlet. Guided tastings are also in preparation, which visitors will discover well in advance on the social networks of Petr bobula, and that of Mr. BrutSays Michal Marešovský, STOCK Plzeň-Božkov whiskey ambassador.

In Japanese, Roku translates to the number six. Inside each bottle of Roku Gin, you’ll find six very special herbs from Japan: Sakura flower and leaf, green tea, gyokuro (premium green tea), sansho pepper, and yuzu zest.

These quintessential Japanese flavors are also highlighted on the hexagonal design of the bottle.

They are meticulously selected and harvested throughout the four seasons of the year – according to the Shun principle – to create the authentic Japanese artisan Gin Roku. Each ingredient is distilled separately to extract its aroma as well as possible.

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