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Exclusive dish

Dry miso with steamed salmon

Dry miso with steamed salmon

yousailing a Chef Nobu’s signature dish Matsuhisa only available onplank VistaJet

New York, November 15, 2022: VistaJet, the world’s first and only business aviation company, extends its longstanding partnership with Nobu by unveiling a new creation from Chef Nobu Matsuhisa himself. Only available to VistaJet customers, the dish is an exclusive treat prepared for passengers traveling on the iconic fleet of silver and red aircraft.

To ensure a cohesive and seamless dining experience, VistaJet carefully curates each flight’s menu with every course prepared for a meal at high altitude – taking into account the effects of altitude, lower humidity and higher noise and movements on the taste buds and the senses.

Members trust VistaJet for a superior end-to-end flight experience. With new customers across the United States reaching the highest number in its history, the company continues to innovate its service by partnering with the world’s top chefs and restaurants, because like private aviation, a good meals can take you anywhere in the world.

Through its Private World portfolio, VistaJet members have access to benefits offered by a network of hundreds of partners on every continent. And aboard a fleet of over 360 member aircraft, including the Global 7500which can fly non-stop from Los Angeles to Hong Kong – VistaJet customers from the US region can enjoy an exclusive Nobu-style experience at 45,000 feet in the sky, focused on quality ingredients, exceptional service and an inspired private dinner.

Chief Nobu Matsuhisa said: “I am delighted to continue our partnership with SeenJet and introduce Nobu Steamed Salmon Dry Miso — an exciting new dish created exclusively for their customers. Like Nobu, VistaJet is a global brand dedicated to providing its customers with an unparalleled experience in world-class service and I look forward to our continued partnership for many miles to come.

Leona Qi, president of VistaJet WEsaid: “TO VistaJetwe work to ensure our Members have the same level of quality and service in heaven they would expect on the ground. We value our partnership with Nobua demonstration of our commitment to creating Perfectly realized and seamless experiences to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

VistaJet has embarked on a journey to transform private dining in the air, into something to savor. As part of his on board library collectionVistaJet published The Little Book of Meals in Heaven — discover the art and science of the table with suggestions and expert advice, and explore the pleasures of high altitude tables. Download a copy of the book online at,

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About VistaJet
VistaJet is the world’s first and only business aviation company. On its fleet of silver and red business jets, VistaJet has flown business, government and private customers to 187 countries, covering 96% of the world.
Founded in 2004, the company pioneered an innovative business model where customers have access to an entire fleet while only paying for the hours flown, without the asset liabilities and risks associated with owning a fleet. ‘a plane. Membership in VistaJet’s signature program offers customers a tailored subscription of flight hours on its fleet of medium and long-haul jets, to fly them anytime, anywhere.
VistaJet is part of Seen — the world’s leading private aviation ecosystem, integrating a unique portfolio of companies offering asset-light solutions to cover all key aspects of business aviation.
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VistaJet Limited is a European air carrier which operates aircraft registered 9H under its Maltese Air Operator’s Certificate No MT-17 and is incorporated in Malta with company number C 55231. VistaJet US Inc. is an air charter broker that does not operate aircraft. VistaJet and its affiliates are not US direct carriers. VistaJetUS-owned and US-registered aircraft are operated by properly licensed US air carriers, including XOJET Aviation LLC.

About Nobu
Nobu, the world-renowned Japanese restaurant known for pioneering new Japanese cuisine, began in 1994 as a business partnership between chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his partners: actor Robert De Niro, producer Meir Teper and restaurateur Drew Nieporent.

Originating in New York as a flagship restaurant, the Nobu brand is now an empire that spans five continents, with international locations in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Milan, the Bahamas, Melbourne, Dubai, Cape Town, Mexico City, Budapest, Perth, Monte Carlo, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Doha, Marbella, Ibiza, Los Cabos, Barcelona, ​​Montenegro, Warsaw, Barbuda, Sydney, Istanbul, Jeddah, Singapore and Santorini and national sites in Las Vegas, Malibu, Miami Beach, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Lana’i, Newport Beach, Palo Alto, Washington DC, Houston, Scottsdale, Chicago and Atlantic City.

Nobu continues to attract fans around the world for its enduring atmosphere and continued reinvention of genre-defining cuisine. Learn more at and follow @NobuRestaurants on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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