VistaJet Hosts “The Surprise Reunion”

The surprise reunion

Landing on a VistaJet Global 7500

Landing on a VistaJet Global 7500

Pleasure on board

On the way to find family and friends

On the way to find family and friends

On the way to find family and friends


Ftailored multimateggenerational adventures To reunite Ilove ones

London, October 6, 2021: Meeting name. / ˌRiːˈjuːniən / – The fact that people get together after being apart for a while.

VistaJet, the world’s first and only business aviation company, today announced the launch of The surprise reunion, his latest creation in the Adventures in the sky family program. Designed in collaboration with world renowned event planners Sharky & George, thrilling adventures bring together friends and families from all corners of the globe. Whether on a little-known sandy island in the Pacific Ocean or on a magnificent mountain with unspoiled snow as far as the eye can see, the gatherings will be quite unique and original.

Before each trip, exciting and mysterious packages, including travel itineraries and challenge instructions, are delivered to each guest’s door. Perhaps an ancient card scroll, a set of engraved coins, or a cryptic message, each will be different from the next – and in some cases, delivered by unexpected characters. From there, VistaJet will ensure seamless private jet travel from anywhere in the world to the final destination.

With an unparalleled experience of flying to and from the most difficult to reach destinations and a one-of-a-kind onboard service, The surprise reunion the flights are remarkable. As friends and family can fly on separate VistaJet planes simultaneously, all activities and in-flight challenges will share a common theme to create a friendly atmosphere leading up to the reunion.

Matteo Atti, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at VistaJet noted: “The past year has shown us that spending time with family and friends is what really matters. We assessed how best to serve our Members and imagined reunion with loved ones of all ages, from 45000 feet in the sky. Together with our longtime partner Sharky & George, we did this by creating The Surprise Reunion.

After more than a year of missed milestones and holiday gatherings, we hope this will to givee family and friends something exciting to look forward to, encouraging them to spend time together, explore new places, create new traditions and celebrate each moment big and small. “

VistaJet’s Surprise meeting can be fully tailored to meet passenger preferences and create the most imaginative experience. Inspirational routes include:

  • The ultimate quest: Imagine the world’s most elaborate scavenger hunt that begins at home and culminates when all of the family’s favorite characters gather on a private island surrounded by a turquoise sea. Hidden maps and cryptic clues will be found along the way, interacting with characters who are not what they initially appear to be. Expect boat chases, drone information delivery, femme fatales, buried chests, high-tech spy gear, and a biting narrative to inspire and excite all ages.

  • Adventure race around the world: Perfect for family and friends with a competitive streak. Teams are assigned one month before VistaJet flights and are split evenly across ages, abilities and geography. As soon as the race packs are delivered, players will have time to collaborate on tactics and game plans. Upon arrival at the top of a mountain, in a beautiful chalet surrounded by pristine powder, the group receives a set. photos, videos and physical challenges to launch a weeklong adventure, paramotor on the summits, tracking chamois, marmots or elk. with a local biologist, and dog sledding for dinner.

  • Immersive historical experience: Travel back in time to ancient Greece, where everyone will gather aboard a spectacular superyacht for two weeks in the Peloponnese to embark on a modern take on the 12 Labors of Hercules. Clues and challenges will be incorporated into the most unusual activities imaginable, from cave diving to capture Hydra from the bottom of the sea, to retrieving golden apples from the top of Mount Olympus on a climb to the top. summit of Greece.

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