Walworth County Homeless Shelter Sees Demand Rises Due to Lack of Affordable Housing | Local News

Since moving into the shelter, Brown has experienced many joys and comforts that seemed so out of reach just a few months ago. He is grateful for a full kitchen, a fully stocked pantry, and a play area for his children.

Still, Brown said the transition has been bittersweet. He wonders about the injuries his family had suffered from the previous year.

“I just think how healthier our kids could have been if we could have found help like this sooner,” Brown said.

He is particularly worried about his 4-year-old daughters. They haven’t asked him tough questions about their situation yet, Brown said, and he’s unsure whether or not he should be troubled by their quiet acceptance.

“Do they become emotionally callous? Do they feel like this is normal for them – going from hotel to hotel, sometimes sleeping in the car? I don’t know, “he said.” But it’s something I worry about all the time. “

In those moments, Brown said he thought of one of his favorite movies growing up, “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

He remembers a scene in which the character of Will Smith and his son sleep in a train station washroom. Smith’s character shields his son from the reality of their situation, presenting it as some sort of adventure. Brown said he often wonders if he should protect his daughters in the same way.

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