Wappingers Falls bans Long Island from buying homes

Can a city prevent someone from buying a house?

If you spend time browsing social media like me, you already know that sometimes it can lead you down a “rabbit hole” trying to find information on or about something you noticed while browsing. scroll. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, consider yourself lucky…LOL. This happened to me again the other day and I wonder if anyone might have an answer.

Facebook groups are extremely entertaining

If you are looking for an interesting conversation between neighbors, you must check out the local groups on Facebook. These groups cover almost every town in the Hudson Valley and most of the time they cover all sorts of topics.

Eastern Fishkill

I was on the Eastern Fishkill Page the other day and I came across a thread that was talking about how if and when there’s a problem in town, almost everyone blames it on the “town people”. The message asked: “Who exactly are the people of the city?” The replies started off pretty good but then got out of hand, so much that the page admin had to close the comments…LOL!

One comment struck me, it read, “Yeah, all the townspeople are to blame. Especially the townspeople who don’t fit the way we do things here. Fun fact #212 The village of Wappingers had a moratorium on the selling your house to a Long Island buyer until 1979.” The commentator went on to give some more interesting reasons why the townspeople are to blameā€¦ but is this statement by Wappinger true?

Google Maps/Canva

Google Maps/Canva

Has the Village of Wappingers placed a moratorium on the sale of your home to anyone on Long Island?

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t seem to find any reliable information that the statement is true, so if anyone knows the Wappingers story and has any information to share, please do so by sending it to me at [email protected] I found that the 1950s and 1960s was when the area really saw a peak of “city people” taking over. The new residents were the result of IBM employees moving to Dutchess County.

The Olympic flame once passed through the Wappingers

Another fun fact I found while digging down the rabbit hole was that in 1980, when the Winter Olympics were taking place in Lake Placid NY, the Olympic flame passed through Wappinger on its way up Highway 9. City officials held a ceremony at the corner of Old Hopewell Road and Route 9 to officially welcome the torch according to the City of Wappingers website.

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