Warroad’s grain silo transformed into a luxury Airbnb

WARROAD, MN (Valley News Live) – You might look twice as you pass Carmen Hontvet’s rural home in Warroad because a grain silo is like no other.

“It really is home away from home,” smiles Hontvet.

Hontvet says the idea of ​​bringing grain elevators to life in northern Minnesota was posed to him two years ago. Soon, Hontvet’s dream turned into a sketch, and finally in November, “Etta’s Bin” became a reality.

“I remember sitting here the night this was done and thinking, ‘Wow! This place is awesome! “said Hontvet.

The namesake comes from Hontvet’s model and late grandmother, Etta. Hontvet says Etta was a special education teacher at Warroad, as well as a woman who built three houses in her lifetime, including the one right next to the trash can. His other two homes were built in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and Texas.

“She was a brilliant builder, a brilliant designer, and she had a knack for welcoming,” Hontvet said. Grandmother Etta died in 2016 at the age of 89. “His door was always open, the cafe was always on. So I wanted people to feel that feeling at Etta’s Bin. Although I am not staying with you, I welcome from afar and want you to enjoy the warm comforts of home when you are here.”

Eight beds, a whirlpool and a fire pit await those who book a trash stay, along with a warm smile from Grandma Etta as a drawing of her hangs above the main living area.

“I thought at first she might think I’m a little crazy to take a grain silo she used to shovel grain into and make it a luxury home, but she’d be proud “, said Hontvet. “She just spent so much time on this earth. I do, I feel his presence all the time.

Whether it’s hockey, hunting, or just a bit of R&R that gets you to Etta Steps, Hontvet says it’s a place for everyone.

“I really built this place to be a blessing; To have a place where I can help make memories in the North,” she said.

Hontvet says the family that has traveled the furthest to stay in the trash so far has come from Oklahoma.

You can book a weekend in the trash by clicking here.

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