Warsaw-based inSTREAMLY Steam Sponsorship Platform Raises €1.1M

Based in Warsaw IN STREAMLY raised €1.1 million in a seed round with the aim of giving all streamers, regardless of size, access to brands to participate and run sponsorships.

The tour was led by Global Supernodeand saw the participation of Next Colop and PKO TFI. Notably, pre-seed funding was provided by SMOK Resume which is led by Paul Bragiel.

“It was a pleasure to have a front row seat to watch Maciej, Wiktoria and the team build this business from the ground up. This market is one that I am particularly passionate about and I know that inSTREAMLY will continue its leadership in this vertical, ” commented Bragiel.

The global live streaming market is currently valued at $70 billion and is expected to reach over $180 billion by 2027. Due to the difficulty of execution, brand sponsorships are typically reserved for the upper echelons only live broadcasters. This is where inSTREAMLY comes in and democratizes the process, with micro-streamers delivering the same number of impressions, but with higher conversion rates.

The industry average click-through rate for paid ads is 0.7%. A test of nearly 1,000 streamers running on the inSTREAMLY platform produced a rate of 4%, successfully demonstrating to Netflix, Samsung, PlayStation, Adidas and Reebok customers that smaller streamers were able to drive more commitment.

“We see huge potential in how inSTREAMLY democratizes sponsorship opportunities for the live streaming ecosystem and believe the team’s deep understanding of the market and passion for streaming will be a key part of their success. We are extremely excited to lead this round and look forward to supporting inSTREAMLY as they expand their platform into new markets,” comments Supernode Global. Phoebe Arkell.

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