Watch a Nebraska fan calmly slip off the rails after the Gophers win

I have never seen someone so calmly go off the rails before. Considering that we live in Minnesota and all sports fans know that sometimes we are seemingly futile to win the “big one”, or that we abruptly snag a basket at the last second to lose dramatically. But I’ve now seen what it looks like on the other side, so to speak, when an Omaha World News reporter took to Twitter after the Nebraska Gophers game this week and slowly slipped into depression, denial, then completely jumped off the rails to complete the video.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers won 30-23 Saturday at Huntington Bank Stadium. At the game was a photographer, because what I can only assume is a Nebraska fan base newspaper, which after the game jumps on social media and completely blends into such organic material that you can’t help but ask you, do we sound like that after a loss (Insert Minnesota Professional Sports Team)?

The video appears to be attributed to HawkeyesChronicles on Twitter, but I have to assume that with a handful like @HawksChronicles, they’re not the ones producing these rambling Nebraska meltdowns. Yes meltdowns, check out the feed for HawkeyesChronicles and see some of the videos shared.

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