WATCH: Costa del Sol rocked by boisterous Morocco fans celebrating World Cup loss to Spain

Rowdy Morocco fans took to the streets of the Costa del Sol last night for wildly delightful celebrations after their fierce national team knocked Spain out of the World Cup in the second round.

Towns along the coast suddenly filled with crowds, chanting, cheering and blocking the streets and launching flares and fireworks as the population supporting Morocco came out to celebrate.

They proudly celebrated their underdog nation of football by beating mighty La Roja on penalties, after resisting to a 0-0 draw.

The match was nothing short of a disaster for the Spaniards as the team only managed to get one shot on target in 120 minutes of play against a side defending with eleven men.

When the inevitable penalties finally arrived, such a helpless performance clearly got on the nerves of the Spain squad, as they missed each of the penalties they took to leave the World Cup in humiliation.

But as the Spaniards emerged from the bars inconsolable and dejected, for the Spanish citizens of Morocco and supporting Morocco, the joyous celebrations had only just begun.

Crowds spontaneously gathered at the Sabinillas roundabout to celebrate as every passing car seemed to honk their horns in support of Morocco. Credit: The Olive Press

It is estimated that there are more than 300,000 Moroccan and Spanish nationals of Moroccan descent in Andalucia, and it seemed like every one of them had taken to the streets to party, momentarily transforming the area into Al-Andalus.

However, the tone of the celebrations has at times turned uncomfortable, reflecting the difficult relationship Spain has with Morocco and with its Moroccan immigrants.

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Huge crowds filled the streets of Fuengirola, with flares, fireworks and ecstatic celebrations. Credit: The Olive Press

Clashes with police in Granada and scuffles in Huelva were reported, and riot police were prepared across the country.

Outside Andalusia, there have been rumors of Moroccan fans going wild in Bilbao and burnt-out cars in the Catalan town of Reus.

However, the worst riots took place beyond the borders of Spain, with violent clashes in Milan, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lille and Nice, as had happened after Morocco’s defeat against Belgium in the phase of groups.

Screenshot 2022 12 07 Au 12.35.53
Riot police were on alert across the country, here they moved against the crowds in Fuengirola. Credit: The Olive Press

Europe-wide unrest between Moroccan immigrant populations and their host cities raises uncomfortable questions about social cohesion and communal harmony, and has been seized upon by extremist elements.

Italy’s far-right Transport Minister Matteo Salvini wrote on Twitter: “Morocco eliminates Spain, so they ‘celebrate’ in Milan…Hope those responsible will be identified and pay all damages. “

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