Watch three bear cubs bathe in a Tennessee Airbnb pool

Bear sightings in the Smoky Mountains occur more often. Maybe it’s because we all have cameras on our phones now, and maybe it’s because they have little space left to have tourist attractions and resorts nearby.

They can’t escape us and they don’t want to either. We have great food and enjoy fun things like hot tubs and swimming pools. Who can resist these things?

Certainly not three cubs in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They saw an opportunity to have a little fun and cool off, so they took it.

Here’s how it went for the family in Airbnb.

When you unknowingly pay for dinner and a show – Ultimate Airbnb escape (@smokymountainchalets). I took a video of bear cubs jumping into our Airbnb pool, my toddlers have literally never been so excited and I was afraid the Airbnb hosts would blame me for ruining their pool. The hosts were crazy cool and now my toddlers want a bear.

Looked. They look like teenagers who just got caught in the neighbor’s pool. LOL

Is it a rare thing, bears swimming in a pool?

Do black bears like to swim in pools?


Bears are attracted to water, especially in the summer. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and man-made ponds are all good places for a bear to cool off.

Do other forest animals want to swim in your pool?

What animals like to swim in pools?

Statistically speaking, the most common animals you’ll find in your pool are creatures like frogs, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, and birds. However, there are plenty of other larger wildlife that also want to enjoy your pool.

Pool magazine

[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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