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Ž.Juška is from Klaipėda. Although he already lives in the sixth state, he considers Klaipeda as his native home. The man holds a doctorate in law and is currently a European Union diplomat in Ukraine. What already, and the travel diplomat really doesn’t miss. Only stability is lacking.

“Living in different countries and constantly changing the circle of those around me, I had to find a hobby that was constant and accompanied along the way. The bicycle has become a tool that helps to “pass” the feeling of the clock and get to know places that not only tourists do not visit, but also know about the desired rare local, “says the interlocutor.

I implemented 3 sports challenges: in 4 days I cycled 600 km, ran a marathon and cycled around Lithuania.

In addition, cycling, according to the man, is rarely monotonous, because it is well possible to cover very long distances – even 200 kilometers per day.

“Unlike other vehicles, the bike can travel off-road as well as easily maintain speeds above 20 km / h, so you need to focus on the road surface to keep your tongue off,” he smiles.

It is for this reason that the legendary Dutch bike he has brought to the country in Ukraine so far, and almost every weekend in the host country where he currently lives, the train is a standard mountain bike vehicle.

“Recently, I covered the longest weekend 650 km along the Dnieper from Kiev to Kremenchuk, and return through Cherkasy on the other side of the rivers. The images are really captivating, because due to the dam the Dnieper in places looks like the sea. But Ukraine is not a native Lithuania, but a new stop in the world, so there is no place for a legendary bicycle, ”says the interlocutor.

On a trip with the studio “buddy”

Still, the legendary Dutch bike did a great job this summer. After returning to Lithuania, the man decided to go on an unconventional trip around Lithuania, fulfilling a dream cherished for ten years.

“This year I defended my doctorate in law in the Netherlands, and the path towards it required a great deal of effort. I told myself: when, if not now to celebrate life? In this way, I promised myself and implemented 3 sports challenges: in 4 days I cycled 600 km between Kiev and Odessa, ran a marathon and cycled around Lithuania, ”he said openly.

It was this unnecessary choice of bicycle for the trip. He joked with his friends that the legendary trip should be a legendary bike.

“The best year of studies in the Netherlands has been spent with this bike, so he wants to become a mocking object among his friends with a lot of funny moments. Although I have a good mountain bike, there was no doubt that by realizing the old dream, the old bike will give that necessary sense of irony to the whole trip, “the diplomat explained.

Photo from personal archive Start of trip

The man on the route did not scramble thoroughly before the trip. Gathered during his trip. Want, says the man, travels impromptu – it makes you feel free, not stuck in a frame.

When the trip started in Vilnius, it was followed by Dzūkija, Suvalkija, Klaipėda, northern Lithuania, the edges of lakes and the return to Vilnius via Molėtai. “I used different types of accommodation: a tent, an Airbnb, a friend’s shelter and cheap hotels,” he said.

I was fascinated by Dzūkija

The main purpose of the interlocutor’s trip was not to rush too much, to get to know the towns and villages and to appreciate life in Lithuania after cycling in Kosovo, Ukraine and other countries. The man was most impressed by Dzūkija, who, according to the interlocutor, has an exceptional aura, and it seems that people cherish their environment.

“I couldn’t believe how beautifully small towns in Lithuania got along. I thought that Marijampolė, Rokiškis or Naujoji Akmenė would be forgotten corners, but the view pleasantly surprised me: a lot of young people, well-being and many renovated houses. However, it must be emphasized that with the help of the EU, such changes would be naive to expect.

I made sure that active physical activity is a must for every individual; it allows you to train inner peace.

Lithuania has been hung with hundreds of EU signs, and financial assistance for one or another project has been announced. However, there is no need to drive God into the tree: Lithuania has changed greatly with its efforts, its desire to align with the West, not the East. The overall picture was strengthened by my trips to Ukraine this year, where there are more towns that have changed since Soviet times, and the roads are often in a tragic condition, ”he says.

In contrast to towns, rural areas in Lithuania, according to the man, have a lot of room for improvement, because r identified collapsing houses, a large number of unpaved roads (especially in northern Lithuania) and alcoholism, which is seen with the naked eye.

A different journey

Traveling around Lithuania was different than abroad. “In fact, Lithuania is very advanced in terms of tourism. Our terrain is relatively flat, so it is not so easy to get out of the comfort zone, it is possible with other states. In Kosovo, for example, they had to run away from stray dogs, drive through littered oases, breathe heavily polluted air or scrape steep mountains.

It is true that a new experience was provided by an overnight stay in a tent in a rye field in Vilkaviškis district and by wolves marching nearby, which could be felt by the pushes of other animals and speeded up by hearing the stories of those around them, ”the diplomat compares.

Photo from personal archive  Living in a tent

Photo from personal archive Living in a tent

The man from his bicycle trips continued to be remembered by Vietnam – after the towns, not all tourists visit. “Feel like a Hollywood star because people are trying to touch you and take pictures, even very intrusively,” he says.

Surrounders wonder what the purpose is to harm themselves in this way

And how does a person greet a traveler by bicycle? They, according to the man, often fail in any way to understand how such distances can be covered and to ask what the purpose is to thus save the damage.

“I had a similar opinion about 8 years ago. True, during that time I assured that active physical activity is necessary for every individual; it allows you to train inner peace, ”said the interlocutor.

In addition, according to the man, another thing is very important: to want to overcome great sports challenges, there must be psychology and will, and only then physical preparation.

Bicycle Sigismund does not push far into the basement and already draws new directions in his mind. “A few days ago he returned from Kenya, where he celebrated his father’s anniversary, but this time he traveled only in traditional tourist ways. “I am very fascinated by Africa, so now the idea of ​​cycling in Madagascar or Botswana is flowing, but I would not go to these countries alone,” the diplomat smiles.

What if with a legendary Dutch bike?

Photo from personal archive  End of trip

Photo from personal archive End of trip


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