We are not living a criminal-seducer of the times of the Polish People’s Republic. He was the prototype of the series “Tulip”

Kalibabka grew up in the seaside town of Dziwnów. I was the son of a fisherman, ORMO publica. This board was stopped and the boat was stopped. After completing elementary school, Jerzy was still on a stone.

He was 16 when his father died. The family’s upkeep fell on his shoulders. As a result of a conflict with his mother, he moved to Międzyzdroje after a few years. In order to do the first scam and theft first. His work is constantly older than him by women and tourists from Germany.

That Kalibabka moved to Szczecin, where he became a pimple.

He led a lavish life

“Activity”, thanks to which he became famous all over Poland, began for good in 1978. Depending on the season, he traveled to the mountains or to the sea, where he seduced and robbed women spending their holidays in local resorts.

The victims of their conquests were carried wealthy women. Thanks to their money, the man led a lavish life. He was able to manipulate women in love to such an extent that his lovers supported him in his activities.

Soon it became famous about Kalibabka’s conquests. Even a wanted poster was issued for him. Finally, in 1980, the man was arrested. He managed to escape while he was in research at a local clinic.

On the freedom Kalibabka Your business ran a business and I used the services through the service.

I became a consultant on the show

He was arrested in 1982. He was charged with committing 103 crimes all over Poland. There have also been blocking stones, deception, fraud, juvenile seduction, robberies, beatings, and rape.

His victim list over 200 names. Kalibabka pleaded guilty to the alleged offenses, with the exception of the rapes in which they occur, he pleaded.

In 1984, he was sentenced to a total penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment. While in prison in 1986, he became a consultant on the production of the television series “Tlipan”, which was a kind of adaptation of his business. The series with Jan Monczka in the lead role, broke production records.

Kalibabka was released from prison after 9 and 8 months as a result of amnesty. He returned to his hometown, where he established a coffee shop and became involved with a teenager with whom he later started a family. In the last years of life, u to get to the running of an online store and seduction education.

The causes of his death are unknown.

dk / dro / Super Express, polsatnews.pl

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