We found a creepy hidden camera watching us in our Airbnb while we slept – we were terrified

A HORRIFIED couple found a creepy camera hidden in their Airbnb bedroom.

Ana Lucia Bezerra and Júlia Stoppa booked the beachfront pad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilfor two weeks through the condominium company.


The couple were horrified to find a camera hanging over the bed in their AirbnbCredit: CEN
The camera was hidden behind one of the cabinet vents


The camera was hidden behind one of the cabinet ventsCredit: CEN
Ana Lucia Bezerra and Júlia Stoppa have booked the property for two weeks


Ana Lucia Bezerra and Júlia Stoppa have booked the property for two weeksCredit: CEN

A week into their stay, Júlia said she and his wife noticed a strange air vent at the top of the bedroom closet.

In an Instagram video, the tattoo artist showed how she had to climb a ladder to reach the metal circle screwed into the cabinet.

She explained how she flashed her phone’s flash over the hole and suddenly spotted the reflection of what appeared to be a camera lens.

“I looked at a cabinet that was above the entrance to the room and I saw a glow,” Júlia said.

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“When I saw the glow, I said, ‘my love, I think there’s a real camera.

“Ana became very worried.

“I took a flash photo with my cell phone and a bright glow appeared that really looked like a camera lens.”

Ana and Júlia discovered that the camera also had an audio cable, which meant someone could listen to their conversations.

The cables led to the bathroom – but the couple couldn’t see if there was another camera in the bathroom, Correio Braziliense reports.

Ana said: “All abuse needs to be exposed so people are aware.

“I think everyone who sees this video will go to their Airbnb and look for a camera.

“And you will have the opportunity not to suffer the immense abuse that we have suffered.

“Because we spent a week being exposed.”

Ana and Júlia, from Goiânia in Brazil, left the apartment as soon as they found the camera and informed the cops of their discovery.

But after they left, the victims were reportedly fined R$10,000 (£1,684.86) by the landlord of the flat for alleged damage.

“He charges for things that have already been broken on the spot,” Júlia said.

“We’re shaking, almost unable to speak. We’re charging for something we didn’t do.

“He did not put, in the photos of the claim, the photo of the closet damaged by us to discover the camera.”

When the couple contacted Airbnb, they were told that legal action would be taken.

Airbnb told The Sun Online: “We take reports of this nature extremely seriously, and our specialist security team has suspended this host and listing from the platform while we investigate.

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“We are also in contact with the guest to provide support, including a full refund.

“We enforce strict policies governing the use of tracking devices in the listings and take action in the exceptionally rare circumstances where a concern is reported, including assisting law enforcement with investigations.”

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