Weirdest Food Stories We’ve Ever Heard

From a near-theft incident at a fast food restaurant to a woman who managed to hide in a closet for a year in the name of survival, these food stories are weird.

It’s not every day that a person looks out the window and sees a potentially threatening iguana sitting on a tree branch below their window. At least that was the case in Krakow, Poland, when a woman saw something that could were a similar creature outside his window. Instinctively, the woman called the Krakow Society for the Protection of Animals, like everyone else, to explain the situation. However, when professional animal handlers arrived on the scene, they found the situation to be a bit more edible than previously thought. No, that’s not a typo – the animal in question was actually a large crescent.

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This is just one of the first weird food stories of 2021 and while it was an initial cause for concern, it looks like everyone got a laugh. While croissants are completely harmless in terms of animal-human interaction, there are other incredibly bizarre food stories that have occurred around the world. Not all of them are as innocent as a mistaken croissant and some of them are downright hard to believe.

Busiest Domino Delivery Day Yet

If you thought it was Super Bowl Sunday, you’d be wrong. The busiest date Domino’s saw in business in the early 1990s was June 17, 1994 – a day many may remember.

domino delivery

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It was none other than the day OJ Simpson was televised on national news in the infamous Bronco getaway and ultimately the people watching at home were so mesmerized that cooking dinner was automatically put on the back burner … no pun intended. Rather than disconnecting from what was happening on TV, everyone decided to order pizza instead, resulting in one of the biggest delivery booms yet for the pizza chain.

Case of the bad Ronald McDonald

McDonald’s is a beloved fast food chain and Wendy’s is right behind. But what happens when the two overlap? And by overlap we don’t mean in the sense of sharing a menu item … we mean in a case of mistaken identity.

wendys restaurants

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In 2005, clarification had to be made when a Wendy’s employee by the name of Ronald MacDonald (spelling slightly different from that of the restaurant chain) was caught stealing money from the safe in his work. The New Hampshire resident has been charged with theft and we’re pretty sure he’s never found a job at Wendy’s again … even though his name bears a rival fast food chain.

Closet hiding secret

In 2008, a man living in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, installed security cameras in his home after he began to notice his food disappearing without a trace. Confident that he was not the one eating it, after examining the footage, the man found a woman walking around his house while he was outside. After calling the cops, the story got even more bizarre – not only was the woman taking food from the man’s kitchen, she had actually been life there for a full year.

an empty cupboard

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Subsequently, it was said that the woman was “neat and clean” and was even able to put a small mattress in the closet where she was hiding, taking showers when no one was home. It turns out that she was homeless and had crept into the house for food one day when her owner left the doors unlocked.

Ice cream cones were once much less hygienic

Believe it or not, the ice cream cone was once a treat that would turn the stomachs of many people today. There was nothing wrong with the ice cream other than the fact that it came from a container that had already been licked by another person. In the early 1900s, these “treats” were called “penny licks,” and – you guessed it – for just a dime a customer could have a few licks of ice cream in one container. The problem was, that same spoon would be wiped clean and then reused for the next online customer.

ice-cream cone

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So, unless you were the first to line up at the vendor, you were likely to get a used, double-dipped (or licked, in this case) spoonful. With the increase in cases of diseases, such as tuberculosis and others that escalated in the 1900s, those penny licks finally came to a screeching halt. In their place, the ice cream cone was created and it’s the same frozen treat we enjoy today …

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