Weymouth named second best UK town for seaside properties

WEYMOUTH has been named the second best UK town for seaside properties.

In a new study commissioned by Showerstoyou.co.uk, Weymouth was awarded the silver medal for best UK town for seaside properties, after being narrowly elected to the post by Margate in Kent.

To make the list, the bathroom supply store created a points-based system using information including: average house price, average Airbnb price, weather, air quality, number of Blue Flag beaches, annual number of rainy days, hours of sunshine and annual number of visitors.

The factors were then ranked to calculate the 34 best cities for seaside properties across the UK.

Weymouth’s excellent air quality and high hours of sunshine contributed to its second place, however, high average house prices kept it from taking first place.

A spokesperson for the bathroom supply store said, “More than ever, people are considering the location of their next property, and with global warming, searches for beachfront properties have increased.

“Margate is the UK’s best city for beachfront property with a total of 537 out of 800 possible points.

“In second place, Weymouth has an impressive 528 out of 800. When it comes to air quality, Weymouth is among the best, scoring 16 degrees on the Air Quality Index, helping to 91 points to their total score.

“However, their average house price of £ 277,580 was among the factors that took them away from the top spot, earning them a meager 39 points in this department.”

Coming just behind Weymouth on the list to take third place, Torquay with 524 points. Elsewhere in Dorset, Bournemouth turned out to have the most blue flag beaches – five – and totaled 394 points, placing 15th.

The top 10 UK cities for seaside properties are:

  1. Margate – 537 points out of 800
  2. Weymouth – 528 points out of 800
  3. Torquay – 524 points out of 800
  4. Porthcawl – 488 points out of 800
  5. Southend-on-Sea – 482 out of 800 points
  6. Great Yarmouth – 473 out of 800 points
  7. Paignton – 461 points out of 800
  8. Skegness – 427 points out of 800
  9. Blackpool – 424 out of 800 points
  10. Tenby – 415 points out of 800

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