What caused the orange glow in Bournemouth’s night sky

THOUSANDS of people in Bournemouth have been left puzzled by a mysterious orange glow coming from the night sky.

The glow, which can be seen as far away as the A31 through the New Forest, has covered parts of the sky every night since the weekend.

The glow is believed to have been caused by the stadium lights at AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium in Boscombe.

The glow of the lights, which have been in the stadium for 10 years, would have been enhanced by the recent fog.

Bournemouth Echo: UV lamps in the stadiumUV lights in the stadium (Image: Camera Club member Ian Newitt)

One man said: “These are UV lights that shine on the ground to help growth when it’s cold and wet. The reflection is from water droplets on a cold night.

A photo of a UV light cart was sent by a member of Echo’s Dorset Camera Club Facebook page.

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Resident Lauren Jones said: ‘I’ve lived here all my life and this has never happened before.

Bournemouth Echo: Orange glow of the A338 at 10 p.m. on Sunday December 4Orange glow of the A338 at 10 p.m. on Sunday December 4 (Image: Daily Echo)

A number of people have contacted the Daily Echo with their images and expressed bewilderment at the orange glow.

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One person said: ‘Orange/yellow glow mystery on Muscliff/Throop for the past few nights. I do not know what it is.

They said it looked “strange” because it was in one area and the rest of the sky remained dark.

Echo of Bournemouth: Tommy JenkinsonTommy Jenkinson (Image: Daily Echo)

One person added: ‘We assumed it was from the football stadium.

Another person said, “I was going to blame Christmas Wonderland.”

Another person, sure of his answer, said: “Yeah, it’s from the stadium.

“There are white sheets covering the pitch and therefore probably reflecting off the artificial lamps in the daylight.”

This was echoed by another reader who said: “It’s deffo coming from the AFCB floor…I actually drove there last night, and they all have their orange/crowd lights on. sodium turned on for some reason, and it causes a very shiny sheen from the pitch blankets.”

Others have reported seeing the lights in areas such as Charminster, Northbourne, Fairmile, Southbourne and Castlepoint.

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