What life is really like in Merseyside’s new ‘property hotspot’

Residents of the new “real estate hotspot” have spoken about what this really means for the city.

Residents of Formby have seen the area grow at a rapid pace in recent years, with property developer Barratt Homes calling the popular seaside town a hotspot. Despite the seemingly positive label, residents raised a number of issues.

The hotspot label came after Barratt Homes conducted a survey of 2,000 potential buyers and tenants which found that 69% prioritized outdoor spaces. Although this ranks at the top of priorities for Zoopla users, residents of Formby feel that these outdoor spaces are starting to shrink.

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With the number of people flocking to the seaside town, people already living in Formby have had a say in the new label.

One person, who moved to the area from Litherland, said: ‘It’s not as nice as it used to be.

“It doesn’t matter to me now. Formby just doesn’t have the infrastructure for all the houses, there are only three in and out roads and they are already choked off. The bypass was a road of campaign when I was a boy now look at it, it’s awful.”

Dean Brown, who recently sold his house and moved to Lochness, told ECHO: ‘It became a hot spot and it was the start of covid that started. ‘it also has a negative impact on the village. I think there are some new areas that have been built around the village, I call it a village when it’s not anymore, it’s more of a small town.

“For people who’ve been here for a while, probably not as appealing as it used to be. We used to have a lot of people here on a weekend or a holiday in the summer, which is great, I used to come here when i was a kid, but now it’s every day, at 9am all summer and winter.

“We actually sold our house and we’re moving away from here. It’s not necessarily because of that, but it’s a factor. You move into a place because it’s green space, and you expect places to evolve and change and modernize, but I think there’s a lot of self-interest on the council’s part.”

A 27-year-old who has lived in the area all his life said: “Formby has always been seen as a popular area. There are good schools and fantastic scenery to enjoy but over the past five years the housing estates began to become more common and this had a negative effect on the area.

“As the property market has started to take off in Formby, this has a direct effect on the lack of investment in our infrastructure and I think this can be seen by many Formby residents.”

Despite the opinions of city dwellers, BlueHealth found that living near water increased the likelihood of seeking physical exercise and also improved people’s moods. A sales manager at Barratt Homes found it “not surprising” that Formby is now seen as a real estate hotspot.

Michaela Lancaster, Sales Director at Barratt Homes Manchester, said: “It’s no surprise that Formby was chosen as a property hotspot because of its stunning location and the range of traditional homes available.

“Our properties in Pinewood Park have continued to be popular and the location is a real draw for those looking to get away to the countryside. As the development is selling out quickly, we encourage avid house hunters to act quickly. if they want to secure their luxury slice of life in this hidden gem.

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