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Statue of Satoshi in Budapest: what other crypto-legends deserve a monument?

  • The proposed statue in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto has been hailed by the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a step in the right direction.
  • The statue is to be erected in Graphisoft Park, in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.
  • Although the proposed monument has received high praise, there are other legends besides Nakamoto who deserve a monument as well.
  • Nick Szabo, Wei Dai, and David Chaum each deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions to the cryptocurrency field.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the anonymous creator of, should be immortalized in the city of Budapest. A statue in his honor is being prepared for the design of Bitcoin, which laid the groundwork for the launch of other cryptocurrencies.

While he is undoubtedly an essential catalyst of cryptovers, the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto is not the only one who deserves a monument to his name. Several early computer scientists, such as Nick Szabo, Wei Dai, and David Chaum, all played a role in the creation of cryptocurrency and thus gained “legend” status.

Nick szabo

There is no denying that Nick Szabo achieved veteran status in cryptocurrency circles, his involvement in the industry dating back to 1998, when he designed a decentralized cryptocurrency prototype, called Bit Gold.

Although Bit Gold was never launched, it has been widely described as the forerunner of Bitcoin. Much like Bitcoin, Szabo’s Bit Gold involved participants using computer power to solve crypto puzzles.

Besides his early work on cryptocurrencies, the computer scientist and lawyer is also credited with the creation and naming of the concept of smart contracts. Today, smart contracts are very much on the cryptocurrency spectrum and it would not be out of place to say that a monument to Nick Szabo is arguably overdue.

Wei dai

Wei Dai is a computer engineer who has contributed his fair share to the development of cryptocurrencies. He is credited with developing the Crypto ++ crypto library and was one of the early crusaders for the development of cryptocurrencies.

In 1998 he published an article on “b-money” which was designed to be “an anonymous and distributed electronic money system”. B-money was of the utmost importance to the development of Bitcoin, as it exhibited all the characteristics of modern cryptos and was referenced as such in the Bitcoin White Paper.

Additionally, he co-proposed the VMAC message authentication algorithm, with Ether’s smaller subunit, Wei, subsequently bearing his name in recognition. Wei Dai has certainly paid his dues and deserves a monument in his honor.

On the reverse

  • The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto was shrouded in mystery as he “disappeared” after the creation of the bitcoin network.
  • Several people were believed to be behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s pseudonym, with Wei Dai and Nick Szabo themselves among those linked.

David Chaum

David Chaum is one of the early pioneers of crypto technology and is often hailed as the creator of digital money. His 1982 thesis, “Computer Systems Established, Maintained, and Approved by Mutually Suspicious Groups,” laid the groundwork for a blockchain protocol.

It was agreed that his thesis was ahead of its time, having discovered that it contained all the elements that Bitcoin now has. In 1990 he founded Digicash and, without a doubt, Satoshi Nakamoto’s exploits would have been almost impossible without the foundations laid by David Chaum.


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