What the Newspaper Say – August 6

Measures to improve immunization among young people are among a series of Friday headlines.

The temperature leads with the government by launching a new campaign to encourage people under 30 to get vaccinated, telling young people to get stung or “miss the fun.”

The I says social media influencers will be engaged to help spread the government’s campaign message.

It comes like The independent reports that more than 30,000 children are currently suffering from the long-term Covid.

During this time, The daily telegraph says universities are opting for entrance exams over A-levels amid growing mistrust of grades in the event of a pandemic.

Inflation in A-level scores has forced the government to fund hundreds of additional academic places in medical schools across England, according to The Guardian.

Somewhere else, Metro reports that thousands of British holidaymakers have been left in limbo after the government put Mexico on the travel red alert list.

The Daily Mirror leads with Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized for his comments on Margaret Thatcher mine closures.

The Daily Express says the Bank of England has warned that inflation is about to peak in 10 years.

The Daily mail reports that Cop26 President Alok Sharma has visited 30 countries in the past seven months.

The sun leads with a woman vowing to “take a bullet” for her pet alpaca, which is to be destroyed after testing positive for bovine tuberculosis.

And the Star of the day says some workplaces have banned jokes in the office.

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