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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Huge spring break crowds in Miami this weekend made national news as its mayor has now put in place a COVID-19 curfew to take control.

Many Minnesotans have flocked to Florida on their own trips, or plan to do so soon. A trip to Fort Meyers has been in the works for Angie Wright for months. She and another mom will be flying with six high school students.

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“We are leaving on Friday for spring break. I have a high school kid who has definitely given up on a lot in the past year, ”Wright said.

COVID precautions are part of their travel plan.

“The advantage of having an Airbnb is that we can spend time at home. Not as exposed to others, ”Wright said.

WCCO’s Tampa branch, WTSP, spoke to two Minnesotans last weekend while visiting some beaches, including Hatte Rittgers.

“We ended up doubling down on the masking on the plane and everything and trying not to like the touch too much. We brought our hand sanitizer and everything, ”Rittgers said.

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As an A1 travel consultant, Monique Delph booked more vacations to this country over spring break after the United States imposed a negative COVID test to be able to return.

“Among the beaches in the United States, Florida is number one that people are asking for,” said Delph.

She thinks looser restrictions in Florida are playing a role as well, but what happened near South Beach over the past weekend shouldn’t deter people from a change of scenery – as long as you keep that in mind. security.

She always recommends that travelers take out travel insurance. The policies have become more popular than ever, as the plans could still change in the months to come.

“I would say if you’re not in college stay away from Miami,” Delph said. “But I don’t think that means you have to remove the entire state from the card.”

Wright says her daughter and her friends said they wanted to go to Miami Beach.

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“The moms crushed him right away. It was a categorical no, ”said Wright. “We’re seeing progress and, you know, and we’re going to try to celebrate where we can.”

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