What to Read Next, Based on Your Enneagram

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And just like that… my TBR list became too much to handle. After reading a new high of about 15 books this year — more than the past three years combined, thanks to burnout — I’m still ready to hear book stories from anyone and everyone. That being said, we all have different tastes, and her favorite #BookTok author may not live up to my expectations of Colleen Hoover. But fear not, because we can look to the power of personality types, or more specifically, the Enneagram, to determine which is the perfect book for you. Whether you’re drawn to mystery, romance, or magical realism, there’s something for all nine types on this list. Settle into your favorite cozy reading nook and pour yourself a glass of tea (or maybe the wine if you’re a Seven) and open those covers.

Gail Honeyman

Eleanor Oliphant is perfectly fine

With a pragmatic, self-controlled protagonist, what main character couldn’t be closer to another than Eleanor Oliphant herself?

Known for valuing routine and principled lifestyles, Ones can relate to Eleanor’s comfort in her uneventful and safe life. Afraid to take risks and hesitant to introduce new people into her life, even Eleanor herself is shocked when she befriends computer scientist Raymond and saves an elderly man, Sammy, when he falls into the street. The three soon realize that their friendship might just be what they needed to get out of their own lonely lives. But for Eleanor, it means facing the realities of her childhood and standing up to the person who has stifled her happiness all her life. Combining elements of humor with meaningful truths, I can see someone falling in love with Eleanor with every page turn of this uplifting story.

Rebecca Serle

In five years

Whether you’re a fan of magical realism, a sucker for a story of true friendship, or simply embody the caring, interpersonal personality type of each Two, you have to pick up In five years.

When Dannie lands her dream job at her dream law firm, she knows she’s on the path to the life she always planned. But when she has a particularly raunchy vision of her life with a man five years from now and is then introduced to said man as the boyfriend of her best friend, Bella, IRL, she can’t help but feel like life she had planned not to be for her after all. But Dannie’s own efforts to carve out the perfect life for herself are put on hold when a tragic misfortune strikes, and she directs all of her love and attention to the person who deserves it the most. Generous, empathetic, and yes, even a little possessive, I can see Twos relating to Dannie as she navigates the one life event she hasn’t thought of. Personally, I believe this book has been misrepresented as a romance when it is actually a story of friendship, growing up and loss – it won’t be lighthearted, but it will be a book you will remember.

Morgan Rogers

delicious girl

You live for success. I mean, yes, we all do, but you Three are especially determined to excel at whatever you can. Threes, let me introduce you to your new favorite character.

Grace has just completed her doctorate in astronomy, is looking for a new prestigious job and terribly regrets her impulsive marriage in Las Vegas to a woman she met that very evening. Determined to leave her memories – or lack thereof – in Vegas, Grace soon returns home to Portland to find that even years of rigorous research and a rigid set of expectations from her father haven’t really got her. fulfilled. For the first time in her life, Grace doesn’t know what her goal is and instead seeks out the woman whose name she can’t even remember. Desperate for a change of scenery, she leaves Portland to stay with his wife and eventually moves in with her mother to escape the impending doom of adulthood. With many messages typical of a coming-of-age novel, Threes will be able to relate to Grace and her ambition to succeed.

Marie HK Choi

Person to contact in case of emergency

If you’ve ever felt a little shy – or identified as Enneagram Four – then I’m sure you can fall in love with Person to contact in case of emergency.

Penny Lee had a high school experience very similar to mine – something you went through but didn’t necessarily enjoy. Unlike me in high school, however, Penny has a boyfriend and, in theory, a perfect love life too. But in reality, she feels withdrawn from her current relationship and longs for someone, anyone, who understands her. Enter Sam, a coffee shop worker whose main goal in life is to endure what he can before achieving the fame and wealth he knows he is destined for. During a chance encounter, Penny and Sam exchange phone numbers and say they will stay in touch, as long as they don’t have to meet in person. While it may give off quarantine dating vibes, this book shows how sensitive, and dare I say, bitter characters deserve happiness. I can see Fours getting into the drama and expressiveness of these well-developed protagonists, and, who knows, maybe they’ll even inspire you to answer all those Bumble DMs.

Zakiya Dalila Harris

The other black girl

It’s a perfect example of a book that shouldn’t be judged from its first 50 pages. Much like our favorite Fives, the story itself holds its secrets and relies on you, the reader, to be insightful at every turn.

I have seen this book described as a cross between Get out, the devil wears Pradaand The Women of Stepford, so naturally, I was intrigued. After dealing with countless microaggressions and the exhaustion of being the only black employee at Wagner Books, Nella is about to quit. However, when she walks into the office to find the scent of her favorite hair product and, finally, a black co-worker, she finds a reason to stay and get on with her job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like her co-worker, Hazel, wants the kind of relationship Nella is looking for. When a disturbing note reads, “LEAVE. WAGNER. NOW” appears on Nella’s desk, she doesn’t know if Hazel is reason enough to stay at a company that doesn’t seem to have a place for her. Full of twists and turns. of uncomfortable truths, Fives will appreciate the pointed commentary and subtle clues hidden throughout this thriller.

Julia Heaberlin

We’re all the same in the dark

For Sixes in need of a good mystery, this combination of coming-of-age story and thriller is a romance you’re sure won’t forget.

The murder of Trumanell Branson remains unsolved more than a decade after his death. With very few leads and a missing teenager found in her town, Odette, the town’s youngest cop, tries to put the pieces back together. She’s going through a divorce, emptying her dead father’s house, and avoiding the repercussions of a romance with Wyatt, the prime suspect in Trumanell’s murder, when she makes a new discovery. Fast-paced and told from multiple angles, this book was everything I wanted, no, needed, a memorable thriller and more. With Odette’s fearless friends and a town that refuses to forget the past, I can see the Six bonding with the loyalty and suspicion each character carries within them.

Emily Henry

The people we meet on vacation

Really, if someone asked me to name a romance from the summer, I’d say The people we meet on vacation. Never mind that I’m not even involved in this romance.

Sevens will fall completely in love with Poppy, spontaneous and wonderfully giddy, as she searches for the best, most spellbinding destination to write about on her travel blog. Not only do I think Poppy herself is a Seven, but I can see this Enneagram particularly enjoying her fun and busy lifestyle. Despite its focus on a carefree lifestyle, the story opens at a time when Poppy is trying to make amends with Alex, her shy and rather reserved best friend from college. The two used to take vacations together every summer, but after a particularly damaging misunderstanding, they didn’t speak to each other again. That is, until they finally plan to attend a wedding and stay at a sketchy Airbnb. I’ve rooted for these two so much, and with Emily Henry’s hilarious writing and beautifully written prose, I’m sure I won’t be the only one looking for this book on my own vacation.

Elle Kennedy

Good girl complex

External banks fans are listening. This book has the seaside vibe, small-town gossip, and the beautiful girl in love with a bad boy at the center of it all.

Eight, I see you. You are powerful and very sure of yourself and you want others to follow in your footsteps. So when protagonist Mac and her desire to please nature tries to appease everyone but herself, I can see you rooting for her to follow her dreams and get what she really wants. When Mac moves to the seaside town of Avalon Bay to attend the prestigious Garnet College and fulfill her parents’ wishes, she soon realizes that her own impulses are harder to control. Soon, she befriends the tough and brutally honest Cooper, enters into an exciting romance, and begins to discover that she should be the main character in her own college experience.

Alexa Martin


Now, it’s only fitting that Nines is the first to kick back and go with the flow with some laid-back summer beach reading.

With Intercepted, Nines will be able to sit back and enjoy an easy, light read about a woman and her search for love after her NFL star boyfriend cheats on her. Determined never to fall for another cheating athlete, main character Marlee swears to stay away from the gamblers. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and she soon meets Gavin Pope, a quarterback who has set her sights on her and doesn’t want to back down. Funny, introspective and a book you could skim through in a day, I’d definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for something light but meaningful – but won’t make you wish you had brought tissues when you’re lounging on the sand .

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