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This is the big board game of the commercial real estate industry and the business world at large: which companies are returning to the office and when?

Below is a common tab, in alphabetical order, of plans to return to the business office, or lack thereof, based on business information, previous Business Observer reports, or reports in others. media (linked where possible). It also includes details, if applicable, of whether companies require vaccinations and how they plan to implement it. And “hybrid” in this case is defined as working partly in the office and partly remotely (in most cases two to three days a week).

Do you have any info? Please share with OC Deputy Co-Editor Tom Acitelli at [email protected] This list will be regularly updated.


Airbnb employees don’t have to return to the office until September 2022. And, when that happens, “people won’t be expected to come back to the office five days a week, every week,” according to CEO Brian Chesky .

Amazon does not plan to return its employees from the company to the office until January 3, 2022.

American Express does not foresee a full return to power until at least October 11, but its workplaces are open to those who wish to enter. The company is also adopting a hybrid model for the full return of workers.

Apple employees are not expected to be back in the office until October at the earliest. The company has adopted a hybrid model for those who return.

Boies Schiller Flexner plans a return to a hybrid model in early October and requires its lawyers and staff to be vaccinated. The mandate also applies to any seller entering the 10 offices of the law firm.

Black rock employees can choose to visit US offices until October 1. They must declare themselves if they have been vaccinated against COVID.

A capital letter plans a return to power on Nov. 2, and the finance company is demanding that employees be fully immunized before they return. Office work “will be strongly encouraged for vaccinated employees, but not mandatory,” said CEO Richard Fairbank. Entrepreneurs, vendors and visitors to Capital One’s offices will also need to be vaccinated.

Citigroup employees in the New York area as well as in Chicago, Boston, DC and Philadelphia are expected to return at least two days a week starting September 13. The company also requires these workers to be vaccinated. Citi “isn’t bringing more people back just yet” to its other corporate sites, the company said on Aug. 10. She encourages branch workers to get vaccinated and demands masks from all workers.

Discovery reopens its offices in the United States on September 7 and will launch a hybrid model on October 4 that brings in workers three days a week.

Facebook allows those who can do their work remotely to do so on a permanent basis, but also plans to start opening its reduced capacity offices in September and October. It requires new workers to be vaccinated unless they can prove an exemption.

Goldman Sachs brought back employees since the beginning of June, including in turn. Since then, it has also required employees to disclose their immunization status, and require unvaccinated workers to be tested every week and to wear masks.

Google employees are expected to return on Oct. 18 and those who do should be vaccinated unless they can prove an exemption. One-fifth of the company’s employees, however, will continue to work remotely all the time and others will operate on a hybrid model.

IBM employees can come back in the office from September 7, although the company left the door open for more telecommuting.

Jeffries Financial Group plans a return to power on October 4.

John hancock employees can voluntarily return to the office from September 20, and a more complete return is not expected until January. Most employees will then work on a hybrid model.

JPMorgan Chase started bringing back employees on a rotational basis in July. He urged employees to get vaccinated, and in mid-August he was even forcing vaccinated workers to wear masks in offices and indoor public places.

McDonald’s‘s plans to officially reopen its Chicago headquarters and other offices in the United States on October 11. It is also demanding that its corporate employees in the United States be fully immunized by September 27. Workers will still need to wear masks regardless of their immunization status after returning to the office, at least in the short term.

Microsoftthe complete reopening of its offices in the United States will not start until October 4, although it has been bringing back workers since March. The company will require proof of vaccination for employees as well as for any other person entering its buildings.

Morgan stanley brought back its office workers all summer and expects near pre-pandemic levels after Labor Day. It hinders employees, customers and unvaccinated visitors to its New York and Westchester County, NY offices.

NBCUniversal plans to get most of the workers back to the office by Oct. 18 at the earliest. It is also forcing employees to be vaccinated; and currently vaccinated employees can voluntarily return to the office by October 18.

the New York Post Brings the workers return on October 15. Those who return before, voluntarily, must wear masks when they are not at their desks.

Oscar, a health insurer, plans to return to the office no earlier than October and said that could change based on COVID statistics.

Related companies has been bringing back office workers for several months and, in April, introduced a vaccination mandate for employees, unless they can justify an exemption.

Selling power allow all employees to voluntarily continue to work remotely until December 31. It began reopening its offices in the United States in May, with most of the employees working on a hybrid model. The company is mandated twice weekly COVID tests and encouraging vaccinations.

State farm‘s employees mostly operate on a hybrid model, including at the insurer’s hubs in Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and Bloomington, Indiana (it has also demanded masks at those hubs since July 30). Elsewhere, some employees are entirely remote and some are in the office full time. State Farm does not mandate vaccines “for the moment” but encourages them.

Twitter allows employees who can do their work remotely continue to work from anywhere, and need proof of vaccination for those who come to the office.

the Washington Post Company expects its employees to be back in the office three days a week starting September 13, and makes vaccines compulsory.

Walmart brought employees back from the company all summer and plans to be at near pre-pandemic staffing levels after Labor Day. The company is demanding that its office workers and management employees be vaccinated before October 4.

Wells fargo‘s return plans will go into effect on October 4, although some teams will continue to work on a hybrid model, including those in non-customer-centric roles. The company has been asking its employees about their vaccination status since July 19.

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