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Considering this is Netflix’s latest word of mouth success, Housemaid can be an atrocious watch. Based on the memoir of Stephanie Land Housekeeper: hard work, low wages and a mother’s will to survive, it tells the story of Alex – played with utter conviction by Margaret Qualley – as she tries to rebuild her life with a two-year-old girl after leaving an abusive relationship. Adapted by Molly Smith Metzler, whose previous credits include Orange is the new black and Shameless, it shows Alex’s struggle to overcome both an infuriating system of endless bureaucracy and the endless shortcomings of his extended family and friends.

Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, British Columbia, CanadaAll Canada Photos / Alamy Stock Photo

However, the landscape around her contrasts sharply with the sadness and struggle of her daily life, which inspires her for a better life to come. Land’s memoir is set in Washington state, around the city of Port Townsend, but for the series, production has headed right across the Canadian border to Vancouver. While the city is a familiar filming destination for movies and television, we get a new take on the area, with filming on Vancouver Island, specifically the Victoria Island area in the southeast. Although the region has made appearances in films from the 2014 Godzilla To The Twilight Saga and especially Five easy pieces, here it’s an essential part of the play, with the endless blue sky and coast hinting at the escape Alex seeks, and the deep forest expressing his sense of trapping.

Other than a few shots from Montana, used for scenes in Missoula where Alex hopes to return to college, the series was shot almost entirely in the area, using 160 different locations. Like Metzler said The colonizer of time, a local newspaper in the Victoria area, ‘We had no sets, we were on location. It passes. Victoria is such a character on the show. ‘ Relocating to the area for the nine-month shoot, the production used the small towns and the roads between them to create scenes ranging from budget supermarkets to million-dollar beachfront properties. Here’s our guide to the highlights.

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