Where they went in Arizona

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Ends their daughters’ trip to Arizona in season three, episode four, airing October 19.

Turns out “there was nothing fun about it,” according to cast member Heather Gay.

Spending a few days on the Phoenix subway was supposed to boost Jen Shah’s spirits ahead of her trial date.

But apparently no amount of drinking on a party bike and heal with a shaman helped the reality TV star, who after the season filmed, pleaded guilty a conspiracy to commit wire fraud in an alleged nationwide telemarketing scheme. Shed has already pleaded not guilty charges related to wire fraud and money laundering.

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What RHOSLC stars really think about Arizona

There was no love lost between Heather and Arizona State – who she previously called “Utah’s redhead stepson” – after the trip, which lasted episodes two to four. .

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