Where to eat a good weekday lunch in Philadelphia

Whether you need a two-martini lunch or a quick and delicious salad, we’ve got the lunch break for you.

Dig | Provided

Of course, take out or delivery is a nice treat for dinner. But you know what’s even more luxurious? Let someone else take care of your weekday lunch, whether that’s taking 20 minutes from your desk to pick it up or having it delivered directly. No forethought, no packaging, no mess needed. Whatever your weekday lunch needs, here are our favorite places to treat ourselves.

Great street, Downtown
High Street remains a great option for lunch in their new space at 101 South 9th Street. Their salads are a level above the chains, but you can also sit down for a pizza or a pasta dish.

Franny Lou’s porch, Kensington East
Franny Lou’s is the kind of place that offers the perfect mid-day getaway from your desk. Their rotating selection of sandwiches are packed with veggies (so you won’t fall asleep after lunch) and their selection of coffees and drinks (homemade lemonade! Fair trade hot chocolate!) Has something for everyone.

Freedom Kitchen, Fishtown
Will you be productive after eating a huge hoagie stuffed with mortadella, burrata and pistachio pesto? Probably not. But maybe it’s Friday and it’s not that important.

Stargazy, Passyunk East
If you’ve never been to Stargazy, now is the time to go. Sam Jacobson makes British-style meat pies in this tiny storefront in East Passyunk, and to us Americans obsessed with sweet pies, everything he does is an eye opener. Get a tasty pie with mash and parsley liqueur or grab a sausage roll for your ride home.

To dig, Downtown
Dig is our go-to for truly delicious, made-to-order salads. Even though it’s a chain, they bring in a lot of regional produce, so the options are seasonal, and the Chestnut Street space is nice enough that we really enjoy having our meal there.

Goldie, Downtown
All of Michael Solomonov’s quick and laid-back spots are hardwired for lunch, and Goldie is perhaps our favorite, if only because of the vegan tahini shakes that make jaded Mondays and Tuesdays even more special.

Dizengoff, several locations
If your normal lunch consists of grimy grocery store hummus with a selection of… anything you can find in the fridge, plus some pita chips, consider upgrading. At Diz, you can have a bowl of ethereal hummus topped with a scoop of meat or seasonal vegetables, as well as a few rounds of fresh pita.

Merkaz, Downtown
Order one of Merkaz’s pita sandwiches stuffed with sabich or lamb shawarma for lunch, add a za’atar roast chicken, and consider the sorted dinner as well.

Schlesinger, Downtown
Sometimes you need a gigantic pastrami on rye or a bowl of matzoh dumpling soup. For those times, this is your place.

French toast coffee, Downtown
Melon and prosciutto toast, bacon and cheese egg, smoked turkey reuben – the Lost Bread Cafe menu is a high list of everything we ever dreamed of for lunch, all on their bread. freshly baked.

Talula’s daily life, Washington Square West
If you tend to think lunch salads aren’t worth it because you can make them at home, head to Talula’s Daily, where even their on-the-go selection has enough chef’s touches that you can make them at home. The extra effort is worth it.

Trendy city vegetables, several locations
Think of it as your neighborhood, fast-casual, and fast-food restaurant. But you know, vegan.

Rione, Downtown
Roman-style pizza al taglio, at an affordable price and perfectly paired with a small selection of fried dishes, salads and sandwiches.

Ocean port, Chinese district
Cart style dim sum every day of the week? Count us on.

Suya Suya West African Grill, Northern Freedoms
Same idea as Chipotle (quick DIY lunch bowls), but with a West African twist and a lot more pleasant ingredients. Meat options are marinated in Nigerian
yaji, served over jollof rice and topped with plantains or cornbread.

The breakfast room, South Street
Meet a friend or new Zoom colleague here for a cozy lunch of Vietnamese-American comfort foods like chao go, chicken rice porridge, or a breakfast bowl with homemade fries and Vietnamese pulled pork.

El Merkury, Several locations
At El Merkury, you can get a pupusa, a tostada, and two sides for under $ 15, which means you can get out of your salad grind someday for around the price of Sweetgreen.

Baology, Downtown
Baology specializes in Gwa Baos, Taiwanese street food with a fluffy bun full of pork belly, fried chicken, and many other delicious dishes. But the menu goes way beyond gwa bao, with bowls of rice, sides, noodles, and tons of handmade potstickers.

Middle child, Washington Square West
You know. You like this. That’s all there is to say.

by Jezebel, West Philadelphia
Cafe work is slowly making a comeback, and our favorite sunny spot to settle in is Jezabel’s, with a variety of seasonal soup, Argentinian empanadas, and alfajores filled with dulce de leche.

Alif Brew and Mini Mart, West Philadelphia
Order a platter or injera wrap from Alif’s menu, then take it out for a quick lunch in the sun before heading back to work.

Huda, Downtown
All of Huda’s sandwiches are served on home-baked milk rolls, so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but we’re especially fans of the fried mushroom sandwich, like a fancy Mexican torta with a huge, crispy chunk of mushroom. maitake.

Paprica, Washington Square West
Take time for a real sit-down meal at Paprica, where you can share a spread of lamb chops, octopus salad, grilled halloumi, and falafel with anyone who was smart enough to play hookie with you for an hour or two.

DaMo Pasta Laboratory, Washington Square West
All of DaMo’s pasta is made to order, so you can experience an Italian sit-down restaurant with no time commitment. Orders come full size and half size, so you have the option to try multiple dishes.

Harvest the mini-market, Fishtown
For those of you who can’t be bothered with meal prep, stop by Reap’s new brick and mortar location to stock up on lunch for the week. Their luminous plant-based bowls (essentially not boring salads) will keep you well fed all week, and you can grab – and mash – an Orange Creamsicle smoothie (made with orange juice and zest, butternut squash). , dates and vanilla hemp seed milk!) as a treat while you’re at it.

Crunchik’n, South Street
Yes, they specialize in Korean fried chicken, but Crunchik’n’s menu also includes rice bowls, crunchy dogs, dumplings, bulgogi, and japchae. (But you should still order the chicken.)

Park, Rittenhouse
As far as we can tell, the park hardly ever closes, so this is a great option for lunch. All horizons have lunch at the Park. Enjoy people watching.

JG Skyhigh, Downtown
The most obvious time to enjoy the sexy and gorgeous JG Skyhigh lounge on the 60th floor of the Comcast Center is in the evening, but the all-day menu is perfect for a special occasion lunch, paired with a sunny view of the entire city. .

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