Where to find a last-minute bargain on the most expensive holiday ever

With flight prices skyrocketing in recent weeks, it looks like you might have to be royalty to treat yourself to a holiday abroad during the Platinum Jubilee holiday. A Greek island getaway in Zakynthos will cost at least £541 while a cultural break in Dubrovnik costs £740 – and this before accommodation is taken into account. Meanwhile, flights to classic destinations in Spain and France are equally extortionate.

However, there are still some great bargains to be had if you look closely. Sticking to Scandinavian countries or countries like Germany and the Netherlands is inevitably cheaper than the Mediterranean, but if you want to head to sunnier climes, it’s better to explore more places. under the radar. And if you’re determined to get to the popular beaches, why not turn to the local rail networks, which could get you to stretches of sand in less than a few hours.

Here we gather the European destinations where it is still possible to book an affordable holiday stay.

All flight prices are dated June 2-6 and were correct at the time of publication. Hotel prices have been verified through Booking.com and property websites.

Hamburg, Germany

Return flights: £77

If you’re stepping away from the Mediterranean and turning your attention to northern Europe, there’s still plenty of bargains to be had this holiday. Return flights to German destinations such as Stuttgart, Cologne and Baden Baden (famous for its sources and for being the birthplace of the term Wag in 2006) can all be found for under £130. However, it’s hard to beat Hamburg for a city break with a twist. The port city has two lakes, plenty of canals to cruise along and waterside bars to stop at. Of course, the Beatles once called the town home and many of the venues where the Fab Four played can still be visited.

If you still need a dose of beach, impressive stretches of sand are easily accessible. The four golden beach miles of Timmendorfer Strand, located in the Bay of Lübeck, can be reached by train in one hour and 20 minutes. German Telegraph Travel expert Paul Sullivan says: “The beach offers a wealth of attractions, including a chic marina, volleyball court and sports club, open-air concerts at the Strand Arena, a Sea Life aquarium, as well as a pretty long pier with panoramic views.”

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