Which one is best for a weekend getaway?

The two most popular towns on the east coast are only five hours apart, and they couldn’t be more different. From the outside, New York and Boston appear to be similar, at least from a city perspective. The first big difference is in population: New York City is just over 13 times that of Boston. Therefore, everything from the feel of walking the streets of each city to the number of accommodation options visitors will have will vary widely.

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That being said, Boston isn’t necessarily the best city just because the sidewalks aren’t as crowded. Alternatively, New York City isn’t necessarily better just because its large population attributes many of its entertainment and activity options. In order to dive deep into which city, New York or Boston, is best for a weekend getaway – or even an extended vacation – everything needs to be taken into account.

Walk the streets

Fans of the city can attest that one of the most interesting aspects of visiting a new urban destination is the way the city walk feels. The vibe one gets from hitting the sidewalk and walking down the street can vary from city to city, and it does so considerably from New York to Boston. In New York, the stride will be quick and it is best for travelers to determine where they are going before on the go, or have their GPS in place so they can track where they’re going in seconds. In the busier areas of Midtown, there’s really nowhere to get off and check directions without getting in the way. However, this quick stride is also exciting and makes you feel like you really are a New Yorker.

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The great thing about Boston is that its sidewalks aren’t inundated with people, even around its most popular hubs. However, that doesn’t mean that festivals and events won’t attract a crowd the size of New York City. If a slower pace is your thing, then Boston is the best option just for exploring. However, it also means that walking the streets at night, especially those further from the city center, will be barely populated.

Waterfront activities and skyline views

Boston has an undeniably beautiful skyline. The view of the historic waterfront is truly a sight to behold, especially around Boston Harbor. Visitors can take in the view from Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park or walk across Seaport Blvd. to take in the views from Fan Pier Park and Harborwalk, which are probably less crowded. This is also a gastronomic hub for seafood among other options, as well as the location of the Institute of Contemporary Art.

New York skyline at sunset


The New York skyline, however, is iconic. There are a plethora of ways to take it from bridges to harbor cruises and even streetcars, and there are several places as well. about the city from which to see it. the city is so big and its skyscrapers so tall that even a trip to the top of the Empire State Building will result in that classic view of a lifetime. In terms of cityscapes, New York handily wins this one.

Public transport, AKA The Subway Systems

There is a lot to be said about New York subway stations. More often than not, the subways will be exactly as they seem – cramped, hot, and quite grimy. The subway is also more expensive in New York than in Boston, however, New York is more easily reached on foot and most things are within walking distance if travelers choose the right neighborhood for their hotel.

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Boston’s subways are cleaner and cheaper, but travelers are likely to rely a lot on that, driving, or a cab if they plan to do multiple things in the city. In terms of overall cost, depending on Budget for your trip, the two cities are virtually identical in terms of accommodation, food, and sightseeing except for transportation – NYC costs almost double what Boston is, so if you plan to avoid walking, Boston is the way to go.

Food and street food options

Restaurant prices in everyone are almost the same, so in terms of food prices, they are irrelevant. For legendary seafood, Boston has the upper hand over NYC thanks to its location in New England. Boston also has its own regional cuisine that echoes that of the New England region, so it really all depends on the style a traveler is looking for.

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New York City is, without a doubt, a foodie’s dream. Not only does the city have iconic options like New York pizza, halal, and various street vendor foods, it also has some of the best steakhouses in the country and a diverse range of cuisines that can be found everywhere, including Hell’s Kitchen. NYC wins the food battle.

Architecture, nightlife, shopping and entertainment

There are historic options in both cities, but Boston offers colonial tours and older historic sites. That being said, Boston is also somewhat of a gateway to surrounding areas such as Salem, Plymouth, Cape Cod, etc. In terms of nightlife and entertainment, there are several large concert halls that have a constant rotation of major artists, but it’s best to check the schedules before heading into town. Entertainment is plentiful in both cities, but Boston’s venues are slightly smaller, with a wide array of artistic, musical, and comedic performances.

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The history of New York City varies depending on what area of ​​the city one is in, which can make for an exciting trip. Everything from building tours to MoMA should be on the schedule for history buffs, as well as more unusual tours that take travelers underground (metaphorically and literally). However, in terms of Major shows and concerts, Broadway alone makes NYC the ultimate winner – visitors can find virtually anything they are looking for, any weekend, in the city, from music to comedy and everything. rest. Concerts in city parks in summer also add to this advantage.

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