While on vacation, be aware of the dangers of elevators

While vacationing in residential Airbnb homes, parents should be aware of any dangers in the home or any public house. Elevators in rented houses have proven to be very dangerous for young children. Now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is fighting for Airbnb hosts to turn off their elevators during guest visits or provide a certified inspection to verify there aren’t huge gaps in the elevator doors.

The CPSC’s written appeal was filed two weeks after a 7-year-old boy was killed by a residential elevator while on vacation with his family. Local CBS Pittsburgh station KDKA reported the tragic story detailing what happened.

The Ohio child was in North Carolina. First responders were called to the residence where they found the young boy trapped between the elevator shaft and the elevator car.

The boy could not be revived after being quickly removed from the elevator shaft. The North Carolina Department of Labor inspects all public elevators, but has no authority over elevators located on private property. Legally, the Ministry of Labor would not even need to be informed of this accident.

The laws are similar in all US states and this is what the CPSC wants to change in the name of safety. In a written appeal, the safety committee urged Airbnb to rethink the safety of elevators in homes on their rental sites. The CPSC explained the danger of elevators to young children and how these children injure themselves.

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“If the space is too deep between an exterior door (ie a landing door) and the point furthest from the interior door (which is often an accordion door), a child may come in and close the door. landing door without opening the interior door of the car, and getting stuck between the two doors. ”

They go on to say that this is a simple solution that can be solved with a routine and qualified elevator inspection. Space guards can be added to any elevator to make them safer for children and fill large spaces. An electronic monitoring device that causes the elevator to turn off if a child is seen in the gaps was another suggestion. The letter was signed by the interim president of the CPCS, Robert Adler.

Adler urged Airbnb to take immediate action to notify all hosts with private elevators of the risk and to disable their elevators until an inspection can take place. Airbnb has acknowledged having received the communication and will review its contents.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article stated that the vacation home where the 7-year-old was fatally injured was NOT listed as an Airbnb home. According to Airbnb’s statement, “The house where the tragedy occurred was never listed on Airbnb.”

Source: CBS News, Pittsburgh / CBS KDKA

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