Who said printing was dead? The former Yorkshire Post HQ has become …

The old Yorkshire Post house has been converted into a new property for rent by Grainger.

The building, one of Leeds’ most historic sites, sticks to its new roots as the building is called The Headline and presents nods to the former newspaper headquarters through art and design.

A team from interior design and architecture firm 74, took inspiration from the site’s old newspaper associations, with a curved carpentry frame all along the newspaper print production rails, as well as the works of art. art and built-in decors, from typewriters to wall clocks showing the time in major cities around the world.

Bianca Yousef, 74, said: “When it came to creating the look of the common social spaces within The Headline building, we wanted to create something a little different from the harsher, more feel. corporate and refined many of the surrounding buildings.

Who said printing was dead?  Former Yorkshire Post headquarters becomes BTR's latest development

“The idea was to create a series of softer, more elegant and sophisticated spaces for residents to work, rest and play with, the project also incorporating ideas and inspiration from the old life of the site as a Headquarters of the Yorkshire Post newspaper, where both newspaper publication and printing took place.

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