Who’s right, when there’s no light and you have to turn left?


A question came to mind the other day as I was sitting at a red light and preparing to turn left. are you turning IN FRONT OF an approaching vehicle or REAR an approaching vehicle, when both vehicles want to turn left at an intersection with no designated turn lane?

Tim Bernhard Unsplash

Tim Bernhard Unsplash

It’s quite the dance we perform every day while driving. This particular issue is one that many people struggle with at MN-23/14th Ave SE. According to Minnesota Driver’s Handbook, pages 25 and 26: IIf two opposing vehicles are turning left, they must turn IN FRONT of the other, not behind. Some other important things to consider:

  • While waiting to turn left, you must keep your wheels straight and your foot on the brake.
  • Be sure to keep signaling until you begin your turn so traffic around you understands your intention.
  • Be sure to watch for oncoming traffic before completing your turn.


Other things you need to look out for before turning left:

  • Watch for traffic or obstacles on the road you plan to take.
  • Make sure you are turning into the correct lane of traffic, your closest lane.
  • Don’t make sharp turns from the wrong traffic lane.
  • Always complete your turn in the correct lane.
  • If the car ahead signals a left turn, slow down and be prepared to stop.
  • When waiting to turn left at a green light with oncoming vehicles, place the car in the intersection where your body appears even with the curb line. The only possibility to turn left may be when the green light changes to yellow.

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