Why did I move out of Krakow [LIST]

(…) Probably, like many commentators of the article, I am also a native of Krakow, a multi-generational, so-called a Krakow family. Five years ago she made the decision to move out of the city that raised me and gave me all grades of education. Is Krakow a co-author twice in the city, to the table preparing parents and parents. My next visit confirms that I do not miss and I will not miss living in Krakow.

My every trip – whether for my parents; 67-year-old woman and 85-year-old man, life in the city center is calm and mountain? The beauty of greenery, architectural details and Krakow courtyards outside the windows are no longer pleasant when drunk tourists bang on the door at 2 am, misleading the floor, buying an “apartment”. The next day it is not pleasant to see a staircase colored with all colors. It is not pleasant to wake up suddenly with the screams of passersby playing in the city center at all hours of the night.

How Szewska and Karmelicka changed

It is understandable that the city should not, but must actually keep pace with the replacement of the present day. It would seem that these changes have to do with old needs, cure that this is not the case for the City. The center of Krakow has turned into an open-air museum for tourists. Is this expected of a culture park? The cultural landscape is not only about architecture, greenery and urban layout. Cultural landscape indigenous globes – inhabitants, therefore, are an inseparable source of the cultural park. Without permanent residents, Krakow turns into a model. Similarly, on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is not only about recording and joining the group of prestigious places, but also about preserving, also beats and authentically inscribes the city’s entry, on the continuity of civilization and responsibility for the vocation.

Convenient daily services, Krakow craftsmen, shops with an assortment adapted to residents disappear from the map of the Old Town. I remember how Karmelicka Street with its friendly street users and many services changed over time in the streets and showrooms of telecommunications networks. I also remember how Szewska Street, from the average, perhaps, for sure, characteristic new piece, was a twang from a musical instrument by a rock star at the intersection of Szewska Street and Jagiellońska Street, which turned into a night street and clubs.

Why is it so, as is Rome, can cities, to the city center, measure the rent of premises at preferential rent rates? Why is the great German size of Darmstadt able to, and even when introducing new residents, with emphasis on technological and scientific development?

Communication exclusion

Another card worth paying attention to is transport and getting around Krakow. Over the past decade, easier improvement, joint work that is launched to facilitate, but only for young or non-disabled people. A large proportion of the inhabitants are excluded. As I mentioned, my parents are old and sick. The distance of 500 m is still overcome for them (with breaks for rest). Further expeditions by means of public transport or transport. Is the city not the owner of the management system for people present to the executive authorities to take taxis for the participation of e.g. the Krakow Senior Taxi Card with a refund of a given hour, e.g. PLN 30 per month?

As part of the exchange, for a separate article, it is moving the car around the city. In order to be fairer towards the city where I live now, I pay taxes there, the same license plate number has changed. Not having “on the board with me”, I cannot be able to go to my parents ‘, parents’ house, or my house. I also can’t find a parking space. In order to reach someone from their home and take them, for example, to a doctor, I admit that I am breaking the rules. I have the impression that the officials who introduced the prescribed ones did not live in the center of Krakow and do not know what it means to be non-existent, sick or old. Urban policy excluding cars from the center should be again. Due to the possibility of tourist traffic, cars with registration from the Polish company can go to the city center and drivers are not scared off under the load of parking lots, but they have become unable to park (…).

With my comment, I would like to appeal to Krakow believers to be more cautious about the city. About listening to the locals. To take into account not only teachers, but most of all facilitating, starting up, repairing, unemployed and disabled people.

Helena Skąpska

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