Why Little People, Big World’s Matt Pulled Roloff Farms From The Market

Surprisingly, Small people, big world Star Matt Roloff has changed his mind about selling the family farm and has effectively taken it off the market. The patriarch caused a bit of a hubbub when he decided to put 16 acres of the Helvetia, Oregon-based property Roloff Farms up for sale. Matt is already embroiled in a feud with his son, Zach Roloff, with fans believing his new decision didn’t sit well with the rest of the family.

The Small people, big world The star recently took to her Instagram to share some big news regarding the future of Roloff Farms. Mast posted a photo on his Instagram that showed him standing in front of the big house, where Amy Roloff lived. The father-of-four then revealed he had decided to offer the property for short-term rental. Matt revealed to fans that he listed part of the farm, knowing that major sales usually take six to 12 months, with, “no guarantees.He shared that he never expected to build so many new business relationships during the sales process.


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What’s going on with Roloff Farms?

Matt revealed in the lengthy social media post that multiple parties were interested in using the big house as a guest room. The inventor then shared that he made the decision to go into business with iTrip Vacations, which is a company that will manage your home like a vacation rental. Matt joked that after intense negotiationsand a lot of “spreadsheets”, he had made a deal. In the end, he made the decision to take the little farmhouse off the open market and make it available to anyone who wanted to spend a few nights at the Roloff family home.

As usual, Matt is working behind the scenes to make the transition painless. He now has to renovate the big house, so it’s a nice place for guests. Although no fees have been discussed at this stage, the farmhouse should be available for rental in a short period of time. The price for one night will depend on demand and the season. Fans are wondering why Matt turned to plan B, instead of trying to go ahead with a buyer. It could be that his son Zach was right when he noted that his father overestimated the farm. Unfortunately, no buyer accepted that Roloff Farm is worth the $4 million asking price, although it comes with an old western town, castle and outdoor pool.

A new season of Small people, big world is set to premiere in November, with the trailer still showing major tensions between the family. Zach and Tori moved an hour down the road, to get away from Matt and his partner, Caryn Chandler. Currently, the young couple are self-isolating and have even visited a rival pumpkin patch with their own children. Matt is moving forward with his own plans, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to dismiss any ideas that come up, as long as they’re aimed at making money off the farm.

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Source: Matt Roloff/Instagram

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