Why we should travel to make the world a better place

II almost wandered until my calves ached. To lose oneself then to find oneself again. Make a chance discovery in a deserted side street in a bustling big city. Enjoy a dish deeply linked to traditions that are not mine. I missed meeting strangers whose love of home and pride in being the source of the situation shatter any preconceptions I might have had before visiting. I failed to understand the peculiarities of public transportation systems. I even failed to hear, “We have reached our cruising altitude. “

We will be back soon, I’m sure. The borders will reopen; family, friends and relatives will come together; and milestones will once again be celebrated in crowded restaurants and on epic journeys that we have spent the past year dreaming of nostalgically.

But when travel comes back, I want it to be better, for the travelers, for the communities they visit and for the planet. Over the past year, AFAR’s management team has spent considerable time determining what matters now to our business, travelers and the world.

As you will see in so many ways in 2021, we are doubling down on the credo that travel is a force for good. In everything we do, we aim to inspire, guide and empower travelers to have meaningful experiences that have a positive impact. We can be more determined about the ways we travel. We can travel slower, empathetically, sustainably, and yes, happily.

In our new May / June 2021 issue, we celebrate AFAR Travel Vanguard 2021, six visionaries who strive to make the industry more inclusive, goal-oriented, environmentally and economically sound, intentional and weather-proof. time. This year’s class of Vanguard winners is definitely changing the face of travel, and after the year we’ve all had – and the travel industry has felt it so deeply – it seemed even more important to honor their contributions.

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