Why you should consider Scotland over the Alps for a ski vacation this winter

There are many misconceptions about skiing in Scotland. “Not worth the long trip” and “There is no snow” are just a few of the comments I received when I pitched the idea with my friends and family before my trip. inaugural across the Anglo-Scottish border. Even Telegraph readers have always been skeptical of staying on UK soil for a day of snow sports.

But with unrest in Europe following a fourth wave of Covid cases and new concerns over the omicron variant in the face of tightening restrictions on international travel, Highland ski resorts may be the best risk-free choice for UK skiers and snowboarders this winter.

There is something intriguing about being able to ski without having to cross the English Channel or the Atlantic, as I discovered on my first visit to Scottish resorts two winters ago, drawn by the lure of the unknown, the resort’s back-to-basics reputation and the idea of ​​being able to support our local UK ski industry.

This winter, the appeal is even greater: a new low-cost rail line between London and Edinburgh has been launched. Lumo is hoping to compete with low-cost airlines, with fares between the two capitals dropping to just £ 20. From Edinburgh, skiers can then access the five main resorts in less than three hours by car. A recent documentary by GB team snowboarder Billy Morgan also heightened the appeal – the bronze medalist summed up his mystical appeal to viewers: “Scotland has its own magic.

The destinations (Cairngorm, Glenshee, Glencoe, Lecht and Nevis Range) are also continuing their opening plans and have put up early bird lift tickets on sale, following the first major snowfall of winter during of the recent storm Arwen. Susan Smith, Acting General Manager of Cairngorm Mountain, confirmed: “We plan to open for winter snow sports on Friday December 17, 2021 and end on Monday April 18, 2022.”

And while Covid packages determine who can ski elsewhere in the world and masks have become the latest fad at resorts, Scotland is gearing up for a hassle-free winter. “We do not anticipate any restrictions on our operations this winter. As an outdoor activity, we are at very low risk and offer enormous physical and mental health benefits. We are anticipating a very normal season, ”said Andy Meldrum, owner of Glencoe.

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