Why your holiday guests are staring at your desk chair

Is your home about to become an Airbnb site full of parents visiting for the holidays? Or are you selling your house and planning to have an open house? Either way, you might be buying scented candles and colorful flowers to set the stage. But have you zhuzhed your office chair for the attention that is coming?

A new study by Confus.com reveals that a modest office chair is one of the 10 items people focus on when visiting a home. The research team discovered it by showing subjects pictures of parts and using eye-tracking technology to identify what caught their attention most frequently and for the longest time. In addition to the desk chair, kitchen floors, bathroom mirrors, and bed throws also ranked at the top of the surprising list.

Why is this important?

“First impressions are everything,” says Tamara kaplan, certified real estate seller within the KaplanxKnight team at Serhant. “Homes can breathe confidence, just like people. ”

But don’t worry if you’re a homeowner looking to make their whole home, not just a crumb-riddled kitchen floor, worthy of the look. The researchers also generated photos of the 20 most coveted decorating trends right now and identified those that were quickly gaining a subject’s attention.

So here are the exact parts of your home that are eye-catching, and the design improvements you can add that just might change what people are focusing on in your living space.

Home office

The size of the dots in each photo represents where the subjects’ eyes landed and lingered the longest.


Office chairs beat all other items in the house as the most viewed. If you’re wondering about this one, remember how much time everyone has spent working from home over the past 18 months.

“People look at the office chair first and foremost because they want to think about what it would be like to sit on that chair in that particular office,” explains Kristin barton, Owner of Bartone Interiors.

“The rest of a home office is usually hard surfaces like shelves and desks that people don’t connect with. This furniture is not something they can experience with their body.

The new pleasure of the eyes: Don’t worry if you can’t afford a fancy new office chair. Indoor plants are n ° 12 on the list of 20 decoration trends. Put a few on your desk to look away from your ramshackle chair.

The kitchen

kitchen heat map
It is not necessary to replace your oven. It turns out that people hardly notice the device.


Research shows that your kitchen floor is the most eye-catcher. Cabinets were the second favorite thing for people to contemplate, garnering nearly 15 times as many views as the oven.

“The floor is the biggest element in the kitchen and serves as a grounding point for the rest of the elements,” explains Bartone.

The new pleasure of the eyes: Is the floor in your kitchen damaged by constant traffic? Distract all those eyes with a fancy statement faucet (No. 11 on the decoration list above).

“A home with high-end finishes and fittings is attractive to buyers,” says Knight Serri, a licensed real estate seller within the KaplanxKnight team at Serhant.

The living room

living room eye track
A coffee table attracts the most attention in the living room.


Your coffee table and rug are practically neck and neck as the eye of a visitor prefers to wander through your living room.

“Whether it’s mental or physical, people are always looking for a connection,” says Bartone.

The new pleasure of the eyes: Consider investing in a mid century coffee table and one berber carpet if your living room needs improvement. Both trends are in the top five most eye-catching.

The # 1 item right now is curly furniture – and the trend for soft, nubby pieces I need to snuggle up to – these home pieces is on the rise. The easiest way to add curls? Colorful cushions.

The bedroom

bedroom eye tracking
The curtains seem to escape the attention.


If you don’t want someone looking too closely at your dusty nightstand (# 6), we’ve got the solution: # 2).

“Throws are different, so they stand out,” explains Bartone. “And throws are generally tactile and have a soft weave that people are drawn to in an attempt to experience that texture.”

The new pleasure of the eyes: This solution is easy to use. Shop for a new throw in a must-see pattern like this herringbone blanket from Mount Brahms.

The bathroom

bathroom eye trends
Everyone likes to look at themselves in a mirror, a mirror on the wall.


Bathroom mirrors and drawers under your sink are both top 10 places people prefer to peek in a home.

“You see all those glitzy bathrooms on social media like Instagram or Pinterest,” says Knight. “This is what buyers know and are used to noticing at this point, so it’s almost a norm. “

The new pleasure of the eyes: Prefer someone for not focusing too much on your old, hard-to-replace vanity? Just try adding a few macrame wall art, because this fiber piece ranks eighth on the decor list.

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