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The stock had gradually climbed from C $ 0.2250 on June 1 to C $ 0.2700 on June 2, before fluctuating between C $ 0.2700 and C $ 0.2500 for the next seven days. Despite this, the stock rose sharply to reach C $ 0.3850 on June 10 before falling to C $ 0.3200 on June 14. After bouncing and falling, the price finally settled at C $ 0.3350 on June 30.
Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. is a blockchain and battery technology company with unique Battery Management Systems (BMS) that are designed to meet the growing demand for scalable and intelligent solutions for the EV and ESS industries. They said they wanted to include a blockchain-based payment system for their future EV Smart Charger product line.

The Company believes that the addition of a cryptocurrency payment option to its previously announced blockchain-based battery and electric vehicle servicing system (the “ACDC Blockchain”) will complement its infrastructure offerings. Since the start of the calendar year, EV Battery Tech has produced the IoniX Pro Home SmartWall, TITAN EnergyCore, EV Smart Charger, and RV Freedom Battery, all of which utilize its unique remote battery management system with battery technology. ‘Advanced AI.

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