Will PCR tests be paid to go on vacation? The response of the Minister of the Interior

Clarity is expected for the Consultation Committee on June 4.

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THEhe Minister of the Interior was invited to the set of “C’est pas tous les jours dimanche” on RTL TVI. A next Concertation Committee will take place this Friday, June 4.

What will we find in the ministerial decree to appear for the assemblies of June 9? “We tried to find a consistent and manageable narrative for the citizens and the police. We have not yet taken a decision on a distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated, ”explained the Minister. One chosen is clear: “We will not send the police to people’s backyards to check social distancing.” The Minister however recalls the importance of this measure to limit the spread of the virus.

The vaccination certificate

“We will give more clarity at Codeco on June 4,” explains Annelies Verlinden. It will be an electronic or paper medium to present in order to travel. “We are still working out the practical details.” This European health certificate – paper or digital – should be effective on July 1 under the name of “European digital covid certificate”. Resulting from a negotiation between the European Parliament and the Council (the Member States of the EU), supported by the European Commission, this document should help travelers to cross European borders more easily in times of coronavirus, with a view to summer season.

People vaccinated against covid, those who have a PCR test and have been infected up to six months previously will be able to hold it.

Ms Verlinden explained that the implementation will have to be “very convenient and easy to use”, even for people without a smartphone. “We are now working with the corona police station (set up by the federal government) to work out the practical aspects,” she said.

A free test?

Will the test be paid to go on vacation? Currently, it takes 47 euros for a PCR test in Belgium. The European Commission has earmarked 100 million to offer tests to European citizens, but the envelope will not be sufficient, explained the minister. “It is a fairly significant cost for Belgian finances if we have to pay for the tests of all the people who are going to travel. But we do not want to make a distinction between those who have had the opportunity to be vaccinated and the others ”. The Belgians can therefore hope for free PCR tests before packing, under certain conditions and subject to the decisions that Codeco will take next Friday.

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